Drawing Chime and Me
Drawing Chime and Me

Illustrating Happiness

Illustrator, Nirzara Verulkar, likes to spread the light around through her illustrations, a means of happiness for her. She goes on to describe how she executes her fun & quirky style and keep things light-hearted for her audience.

There is a lot of influence of poetry, nature, yoga, music and food in Nirzara’s work. A keen observer, mostly observing through an illustrator’s glasses, positivity and enthusiasm usually strike her in day-to-day life. She tries to create pleasant worlds because, for her, creating art is creating happiness.

Lighting, in her illustrations, is mostly about the mood of the characters. Keen to put across emotions the characters are feeling, it mostly depends on the situations in the narrative. As very rarely, her themes are about sadness or regret; so mostly, her illustrations are well lit.

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