A caricature of Danny DeVito
A caricature of Danny DeVito

Finding the Perfect Image

Largely based on real people, Vidhi gives each illustration a personality. Any character she illustrates has to be a person on her mind. The character is then given life and materialised. Likewise, she prefers to focus on the image throughout the process.

The illustration, thus, is not fixed from the beginning but rather transformed through the creative process. A detailed process, indeed.

South-Indian Actor - Rana Daggubati

He is pretty cool and loved his performance in Bahubali.

A Caricature of Danny DeVito

Almost everyone on the Internet likes him a lot because he is a funny and wholesome guy.

A Portrait of Bob Marley

All time favourite. Sharing his peaceful vibes.

Beard Model

A practice illustration to draw better hair and beard.

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