When the Dark Causes Delight to Create Eerie Beauty!

Illustrator, Pracheta Banerjee, believes that if the fire within keeps burning, one will find their own unique way and style. With that, she stays true to her fondness for the eerie kind of beauty, and finds expression in showcasing deep emotions of characters in dark settings or environments.
When the Dark Causes Delight to Create Eerie Beauty!

Dark is deep.

Pracheta is obsessed with the eerie side of beauty. For her, it leaves a heavy and mysterious impact, making one curious about the unknown while demanding the most attention. Her works are inspired from Greek Mythology to even basic human emotions, and have a lot of symbols and historic references, or may just be direct. She generally surrounds the character with elements that strongly convey their internal state or sentiment. Colours, in the process, have astrological references. There are certain aspects she highlights most while colouring, such as the eyes – some people's intentions can be seen very clearly just by looking into their eyes. Likewise, if the lighting is strong, it adds a heavy impact to the entire painting, she feels.

Creating the space for fresh thoughts.

Always exploring ways to convey stories through her works with as fewer boundaries as possible, there are times when she's just unable to get the work done. That's when she starts fresh and gets back with a clear vision of what she wants to do. It helps to come back to the drawing board, refreshed and renewed, so as to be able to see things clearly. By exploring and being open to more new ideas, one can truly grow and find more answers in the process. It is important to actually feel or 'be there' on the scene, so as to express something.

To keep looking for beauty is vital.

She paints from memory, which requires a lot of photo studies and understanding of how it works, or from references, depending on the effect to be achieved. One has to take a break from time to time, and plan out a composition and work from memory; by this, the mind keeps on looking for new information. It keeps challenging the mind, and one may patch that up by looking at some references and understanding them. In time, one can mentally 'see' i.e. visualise the object or subject in 3D space.

Follow no one but your own style.

According to Pracheta, there is no right way to depict fantasy paintings effectively, as everybody has their own different style and method, and one may not work out for the other. One has to just keep practising and following their intuition. It is necessary to understand what one is painting, in order to move forward. In fantasy paintings, we usually get to see very heavily rendered works; lots of surrounding elements; colours and what not. The key is to find your own style; to break out from what has already been done. It all comes down to the final execution and what one wants to express.

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