Unleashing the Power of Artistic Storytelling and Versatility!

Unleashing the Power of Artistic Storytelling and Versatility!


Design speaks. But does it really? There are a lot of ideas in everybody's minds. There are a lot of stories. But how does it come on paper? Incoming – magicians! Magicians like Sonu Krishnan, concept artists who bring ideas from people's minds to real life.

The Creative Enlightenment!

Sonu Krishnan's artistic inclination has long preceded his identity as a designer. While design may be his chosen profession, his true ardor lies in the art of storytelling—the medium through which he passionately conveys narratives. In every school, in every class, there exists that one artistically gifted child who exudes skill and passion for their craft.

Sonu, however, was not that child; instead, he found inspiration in those very artists. Throughout his life, from school to college and even as a working professional, Sonu has been deeply influenced by the people surrounding him. His genuine curiosity about those around him has always been expressed through brushes and colours, becoming the genesis of his artistic journey. Today, whether through online platforms or interactions with colleagues, Sonu continues to seek inspiration in the narratives of others, perpetuating his lifelong quest for creative enlightenment.

Nurturing Creativity Beyond Traditional Education!

Is an artist born? Or is art a skill that can be acquired? While his academic background has provided him with valuable skills, Sonu firmly believes that art cannot be taught in a traditional sense. Instead, he asserts that true artistic growth occurs through immersion in the artistic environment fostered by an art college. Education offers a foundation of knowledge, yet it is the artist's individual interpretation and utilization of that knowledge that truly shapes their artistic journey.

For Sonu, art is not confined to the boundaries of a classroom or lecture hall. He perceives art as an all-encompassing experience, a constant process of observation and interpretation. His Instagram feed, adorned with captivating photographs and skillful sketches of hills and travels, serves as a testament to this belief.

Embracing Traditional Roots in the Digital Era!

In the age of digital dominance, where art portfolios find their home in the realm of pixels and screens, the art world has undergone a transformative shift. However, most artists have their beginning with simple pencils and erasers, the more traditional form of art.

Sonu Krishnan's artistic exploration has encompassed a wide range of mediums, from the expressive strokes of oil paintings to the delicate hues of watercolours, and even the intricate details of ink paintings. His relentless pursuit of creativity knows no bounds, as he fearlessly experiments with anything and everything that sparks his imagination. However, amidst the allure of modernity and occupational demands, digital art has become increasingly prevalent.

Yet, despite the prevalence of digital art, there are moments when Sonu finds himself yearning for a different experience. When the fatigue of staring at minute pixels on a screen takes its toll, he instinctively reaches for his trusty sketchbook.

Breaking the Boundaries of “Style

In a world where artists often strive to discover and establish their own unique style, Sonu Krishnan offers a contrasting perspective. As a concept artist, he recognizes the importance of versatility and adaptability, particularly when working on diverse projects that call for different artistic styles. His portfolio boasts a rich array of works, spanning animation projects, silicon designs, and stylistic ventures, among others. Each undertaking presents a fresh challenge and an invaluable opportunity for growth.

While embracing this ever-changing artistic landscape, Sonu admits that adhering to a single style can become monotonous for him. He finds the exploration of various artistic styles to be invigorating, keeping his creative journey dynamic and exciting. However, beneath this conscious pursuit of diversity, Sonu also acknowledges the subconscious development of his own artistic signature. Looking at his own sketches he remarks, “You can see that there are like sketches, very stylish sketches.”

The DNA of Concept Art!

All forms of art have the same fundamentals, but they each have their unique DNA. People often confuse concept art with illustration. But Sonu points out the most defining difference among them. Illustration is mostly a final product, it can be published. But concept art? Its just the first step of many in building a unique world. It is like a guideline for the production team and hence many nitty gritty details come into play from what light to use in the composition to the small elements

As a concept artist, Sonu acknowledges that while designers are often guided by the brief, there are opportunities where they can incorporate their imagination and contribute to storytelling. These projects allow them to showcase more than just their drawing skills, enhancing the overall narrative experience.

Words of Wisdom!

His valuable advice to artists both aspiring and established is to “Finish what you start as an artist.” It is an essential aspect that he himself is still learning. Artists often strive for perfection in every piece they create, even before sharing it on platforms like Instagram.

The pursuit of perfection can be exhausting at times, especially when unfinished works pile up in the background due to not feeling satisfied with them. As artists, it's important to focus on quantity rather than solely on quality. Constantly creating and sharing our work, even if it's a simple line drawing, allows us to gather feedback and learn from it.

Perfection is just an illusion!

“Perfection is subjective, and what may seem perfect to us might not be the same for others.”

There will always be someone better than us, and there is no ultimate perfection to achieve. Sonu believes every work he has created is perfect in its own way at that moment, as learning and evolving is for life. The key is to keep learning and growing through it all.

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