Bold Lines & Thick Strokes

Bold Lines & Thick Strokes

Prasun Jain is an artist and visual experience designer who creates pieces of art inspired by momentary situations. He enjoys capturing these moments and then colour, shape, texture adds a different dimension to them. These are sometimes inspired by TV shows and movies, and he adds his unique narrative to them. Using a common outline style and bold strokes, he covers all concepts within this umbrella of similarity.

Lik Lik
Lik LikThis captures the simple pleasure of easily licking your hoof because of the long neck while others struggle to do the same.
HainaA part of the series of 365 animal characters, this illustration captures how these bugs always pester people.

The majority of his ideas are inspired by his current reality like situations, circumstances, and even Netflix shows. Prasun feels that it encourages him to think critically, and he usually blends into the subject that he is working on in order to tell the tale. His experimental art style is seen through his portfolio.

DhariwalaThis character is a metaphorical depiction of his friend, 'Dhariwala'.

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Bold Lines & Thick Strokes
Prasun Jain
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