Moon Light
Moon Light

An Artist’s Journey of Celebrating Femininity and Strength

Shaizy Umar, a rising artist, shares her journey of becoming an artist and what inspires her to create masterpieces. Growing up with an artistic background and watching her mother's artworks and crafts, Shaizy was inspired to pursue their passion for art and joined an art college after completing their schooling.

Tribal Woman
Tribal WomanA stunning portrait capturing the essence of a woman’s strength and cultural heritage. The artist pays homage to the timeless beauty of indigenous communities.
Moon Light
Moon LightA self-portrait, featuring the artist’s companion Mr. Thumper. A tribute to a trusted friend who has been an unwavering support to the artist.

Shaizy finds inspiration from various sources such as movies, video games, photographs, exhibitions, and stories. These inspirations come together in her portraits, particularly of women and children, which are bold, colourful, and exaggerated. She celebrates femininity and adaptability through her works and portrays women as strong, confident, and beautiful. Shaizy’s unique style and themes are sure to leave a lasting impact on the art world.

Golden Tears
Golden TearsA haunting image capturing the emotions of pain, loss, and the preciousness of grief. An impactful reminder of the fragility of life and the lasting impact of our experiences.
TangledCreated in honour of a lost friend, this powerful work captures the impact of loss and the difficulty of navigating tragedy during a global crisis. A poignant tribute to those affected by the pandemic.
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