How Real Life Inspires the Imagination

How Real Life Inspires the Imagination

Go back to when you were a child. Do you remember noticing something that couldn't be explained and made your own interpretations and stories? Illustrator Vijyakumar Arumugam works with that strategy. "Breaking down real elements and combining them to create imaginary characters and stories is what's exciting", he says. He talks more on his style and how it fits into his real life illustrating profession with imagination.

Imagination is Inspired By Reality

In actual, the imaginary characters are derived from the real ones. So the more one draws and observes from real life, it becomes that much easier to execute the imaginary ones. It's an amalgamation of animals, birds, reptiles, and characters you know of in the world we live in.

You can spread the wings of your imagination, travel wherever you want to, meet the wizards, speak to the fairies, fight with the giant eagles, eat with the deadliest predators of an unknown planet. The best technique to execute a character always is to sketch, doodle and passionately explore what you really want to create. As the wise men say, 'when you seek for it, it seeks for you!'

It's a One Man Story

One character is good enough to tell a story. The pose is in, the emotions on the face, what is it wearing or carrying and its environment. And the composition and all these would bring about a story in everyone's mind when they look at a character.

It is special because perception is subjective and everyone will perceive the same character differently and would also have a different story in their mind.

Versatility is Attractive

This stands true for a designer and his/her artwork as well. Because commercial work is based mostly on what a client wants, which varies every time, versatility is an attribute a designer should try and possess. And of course, when you're working for yourself, you can wish to be and achieve anything.

It's important to use your talent and skill, like a fortune-teller who can read a hand, to present to the world what they do not know or have not seen. Being intuitive, mythical and intricate for example are some elements that a designer might work with through his artwork. The goal is to connect with the audience and have them resonate with your thoughts and imagination.

For Every 'Ying' There is a 'Yang'

Most illustrators would claim in having a professional and a personal side. Some might like to create real-life characters whereas some might find their pencil sketching mythological characters. Every artist has an evolutionary arch that is very unique based on his work and life experiences and which ultimately swings the illustrator towards versatility. Though most prefer to work in a particular style, it's always advisable to keep an open mind to explore other styles.

Do Whatever it takes to Create Good Work

Illustrators should keep building their personal projects and exercise their freedom. Many illustrators are unhappy even after getting much work and adequate money. The reason could be the kind of work that they do actually contradicts the kind of work they want to do.

We have to find time for our own personal space and projects. Working for hours day and night might make it tough. In such situations, be straightforward and ask for the time it takes to deliver good quality work. We have to realize that every time we put out a work, we are setting a standard and people are going to be introduced to new aesthetics and it better be a good one.

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