How does love for food shape your design?

How does love for food shape your design?

A believer in 'great things take time' Vedang Agnihotri hopes to embark on his design journey through experimentation and intensive self-exploration. He has been dabbling in different fields of design such as illustrations, typefaces and copywriting which has shaped his work and subsequently the designer in him.

Representing himself in every design, this young designer is still learning the tricks of the trade. Making mistakes and learning from them is how Vedang is turning his learning into experience. Mixing up passion had leaded him to create a theme based portfolio that revolves mostly around food & popular food brands such as Maggi, Lijjat Papad etc. Employing humour and passion along with his creativity makes his designs relatable by all and more importantly loved by his target audience.

India, its various festivals, colours and rituals all influence Vedangs style, which he has been sub-consciously developed over the past few years through travelling, socialising and being observant. A vibrant and funky approach to design is his USP, which he is keen on expanding throughout his work. Allowing his roots to expand, Vedang will answer opportunities as they come knocking!

Savory Treats.

Proposed a festive packaging for the India's favorite Lijjat Papad. Collaborating with the team of product designers, Anushka Mallick and Ashlesh Londhe, he managed to elevate the simple papad to the level of festival giveaways.

The Eternal Love.

A huge crowd pleaser, Maggi is back! A 'Welcome Back' campaign for a product that was dearly missed by its ardent fans. A simple alteration to the infamous red logo and a sentimental message has resulted in an obvious representation of the love between the popular noodle brand and its consumers.

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