How Becoming A Google Trusted Photographer Can Help You?

How Becoming A Google Trusted Photographer Can Help You?

It's no question that Google is one of the top search engines today. The company has cemented its place as a website where people can type in their queries and get relevant solutions.

In today's Internet age, knowing how to increase your visibility on Google is crucial for businesses. Optimizing websites for this search engine can help organizations gather leads, which can convert to paying customers with the proper digital marketing strategy.

One way for a company to gain more clients is to publish photos of its merchandise as well as the interior and exterior of its physical store. This can help businesses increase their foot traffic.

If you have a company or are already working as a photographer, getting Google-approved can boost your authority as a leader in your industry. Not only can you help enterprises build their brand, but you can also help your community by showing tourists the best spots in your locality.

Here's how becoming a Google-trusted photographer can help you:

01 Gain More Leads

You go into the photography business because you want to earn an income. When you receive a Google approval for your photos, you increase the chances of getting hired for more commissions.

Most photographers earn by shooting portraits or products. Some are hired to capture happy moments during special occasions.
Aside from these traditional routes, you can shoot 360° photos for businesses, which they can publish on their website and Google My Business page. With this, you can get more customers and earn more money.

If you're wondering how to get Google to approve your photos , the process is relatively straight forward. You just have to download the search engine's Street View app and publish a minimum of 50 360° images on it.
There are perimeters that you have to follow for your photos, though. Indoor photographs must be captured one meter apart from each other while outdoor shots require a distance of three meters. Moreover, 360° images must be at least 4K resolution.

02 Establish Your Credibility

One of the primary purposes of getting certifications, such as the one from Google, is that you set yourself apart from your competitors. Google Maps has a rating system in place for contributors, where you can earn a Local Guides badge when you reach 250 points.

Upon the successful publishing of the 50 photos on the Street View app, you become a Level 4 contributor and earn a digital badge on your profile. This is proof that you're a Google-approved photographer.

It serves to enhance potential customers' perception of your authority as a professional photographer, which increases the likelihood that they'll hire you to shoot their business' photos in the 360° format.

03 Get Promoted by Google

Aside from automatically getting a Local Guides badge, you'll also be featured on Google's Street View trusted pros list . This further boosts your reputation as a photographer because the top search engine itself has promoted your work.

Businesses can look up professional photographers in their area who've earned Google's certification with ease and hire them to take photos of their establishments. If you're on the list, you can expect to receive emails for paid jobs for publishing Google My Business content.

04 Help Your Community

More than earning an income, you get to help your community by showcasing the best spots that tourists can visit. In building your 360° portfolio, you can focus on taking snaps of holes-in-the-walls, like local restaurants.

With this, you give tourists a feel of what it's like to walk around your area. Travelers today typically look up the places that they're planning to visit online and plan their itinerary according to the activities that they want to do, which is why Google Maps photos have become valuable resources.

05 Expand Your Services

If you've established your expertise about the places to visit in your city or town, you can expand your services and become a local guide that tourists can hire for tours around your area. You can even take photos of them professionally and hit two birds with one stone for that particular outing.


Google My Business allows enterprises to boost their SEO and show clients how to get to their shops. Becoming a Google-trusted photographer and focusing on this type of content can help you build your credibility as a leader in your industry, which allows you to gain more customers and earn more money.

You'll also be promoted by Google itself through the digital badge that they'll automatically publish on your profile and by including you in their trusted pros list. With this, you can expand your business and provide photography services as well as local tours for clients.

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