Helvetica Undergoes Transformation to Meet New Standards

Helvetica Undergoes Transformation to Meet New Standards

One of the most popular and commonly used typeface/ font 'Helvetica' has been redrawn by the designers at Monotype to suit the needs of a modern day contemporary artist, reader or writer.

Used by numerous students for their projects to be used by brands like Apple and Nestlé in their logo designs, Helvetica is one of the most widespread and universal typefaces utilized around the world, thanks to its simple and crisp design. Originally created by Max Miedinger and Edward Hoffman in 1957, this Swiss typeface has been used by countless brands and has managed to remain quite popular even today. To keep up with the modern standards of this decade, Monotype has reintroduced Helvetica as "Helvetica Now", which is simpler, clearer and more sophisticated than its predecessors. "The design introduces a new chapter in the Helvetica story- expanding its look and utility while reinvigorating its heritage", says Charles Nix, type director of Monotype.

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