It's Nice That - Brownie Points (credit)
It's Nice That - Brownie Points (credit)

What's Poppin' - The Newest Colour Trends Of '23

2023 is predicted to be the year of self-expression. With the climate crisis, pandemic, and international disturbances of war, designers will be crashing headfirst into an emotional jukebox - from post-apocalyptic dark themes to more positively soothing colour palettes for rejuvenation. 

As Emerson said,” Nature always wears the colour of the spirit.”, the world of design is out looking at the onset of experimental colour trends in 2023.

On one side, we have the cheerful and promising phase. Raspberry Blush is already ruling the charts as the color of the year. The 70s hippie scheme of colours is set to radiate optimism.  

PA Nguyen - Future U <a style=“color: blue; font-style: italic; text-decoration:underline;” href= target=“_blank”>(credit)</a>
PA Nguyen - Future U (credit)

Meanwhile, the gloominess of the current world is set to ablaze the design platform with richness and depth. Designers will be projecting our existential crisis through dark sci-fi and chromatic lenses of silver shades. 

Let’s strut through the astounding colour prism and see which trend will pass the vibe check-in 2023.

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