70 Free Calligraphy Fonts Every Designer Should Use!

70 Free Calligraphy Fonts Every Designer Should Use!

Add character and emotion to your designs with these amazing calligraphy fonts and grab your audience's eye.

Calligraphy is a very essential part when it comes to designing and finding the right font for your designs, but identifying the correct one can be a difficult and arduous task. Calligraphy fonts have been around for centuries now and can bring handcrafted texture to your designs with evincing elegance and charm. 

Calligraphy fonts can be used for both personal and commercial projects. It comes in a range of styles depending on what kind of design project you are working on but uses them sparingly so it doesn't overpower your designs. 

There are plenty of calligraphy fonts online to pick but it is imperative to finding the one that fits with your design to give your work a unique and organic feel. To help you out we have picked the best calligraphy fonts for you which come in a variety of styles and completely free!

01. Cartel Deux Handwriting Typeface

The Cartel Deux typeface series are relatively new to the scene, and come in about 5 styles. You can use this font flawlessly for your personal and commercial projects like logo, shirt design etc.

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