18 Free Calligraphy Fonts to Fancy-Up Your Designs

18 Free Calligraphy Fonts to Fancy-Up Your Designs

Don't just put a font for the sake of it, put it for creating an impactful impression on the reader. Browse through this list of 18 best calligraphy fonts to achieve your target.

Fonts are known to be the most important element of graphic design. Balancing the rest of the design with the type of font to be used is quite a challenging task for a designer.

It is but necessary to have the right font, not too much, not too less, to have a long-lasting impact of the message to be conveyed to the readers.
From what was done manually ages ago using ink and brush to create graceful calligraphy has now gone all digital, but still with the same look and feel of the hand-crafted old-time beauty.

Life and work have become much easier with the presence of the button, 'download' ! Take a look at these calligraphy fonts and choose the one which makes your work look its best by downloading it at no cost!

1. Candlescript

A smooth and flowy typeface designed with an intricate level of detail, Candlescript is suitable to be used as a logotype, custom typeface, title, header or advertisements.


2. Mike Ferrari 

Mike Ferrari is a typeface based on the Spencerian Script. Composed using elegant and beautiful strokes, it is just the perfect font to gracefully colour up any project with a human touch.


3. Feathergraphy

A high-quality script font with multilingual support and a large number of special characters, Feathergraphy is a hand-crafted typeface that can be used for logotypes, titles and slogans as well as a tattoo style font in clean and decorated versions.

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