Rebranding for Qshala
Rebranding for Qshala

The Journey of a Designer to Founding a Studio!

In the world of design, PulakB Design Studio stands out as a place full of creativity and adaptability. Pulak Bhatnagar, who has worked in startups, and agencies, and now has his own studio, shares some interesting ideas about how design can make a big difference.

Pulak B's journey from being a designer to starting his own PulakB Design Studio shows how important it is to have experience in the industry. He has worked in design leadership roles for startups and at well-known agencies like Brew House, Codesign, and Lopez Design. His journey shows how industry experience can really change things.

In this interesting Q&A session, Pulak talks about how his past experiences, working with different people, and a fresh way of thinking have influenced how he does design and business. He also gives some great advice for new designers who want to succeed in the creative world.

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