People see colour before anything else

People see colour before anything else

The day we evolve from the life's basic needs and moved to cave paintings, rituals and festivals, the colours have a special space in our life. Uttam Hasabnis, a creative consultant at Cub Design, believes that even right colours for a brand come from a deep understanding of the brand's target audience and it can makeor break any brand.

The colour of your brand is not only an essential character of your brand's story but also important in all forms of communications. Colour has the unique ability to make or break the success of a product. The right colour decision for your brand doesn't cost you much. But the wrong colour can really impact the overall performance of your brand.

At Cub Design, we believe that the positive effects of colours on the consumer decision certainly can help enhance the brand image and due to the different meanings of colours in different cultures, we need to consider the attitudes and preferences of our target audience when choosing a correct colour for a brand. The best way is to do an in-depth research. It creates in us a feeling about colour. Observe, experiment and see how they make sense for you. We give all necessary freedom to our creative team to explore the brand and its environment physically to bring out the perfect colour that supports the brand positioning. And make sure the process must be based on:

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