To Brand the Jashn of Basmati

What started on a Sunday brunch ended up being a mission to transform the way rice is consumed in our country. Jashn Foods, a seller of premium quality aromatic Basmati rice brand, approached NH1 Design with a vision to connect with the current market dynamics.
To Brand the  Jashn of Basmati
Client: Jashn Foods
Requirements: Branding and Packaging

Faced with numerous NPAs in the rice industry and a rising trend of consumers leaning towards packaged rice, Jashn identified a strategic opportunity to enter the market and build a brand known for trust, quality, and reliability. In this brief study, we will be exploring the branding techniques and thought process behind the culmination of a vibrant yield, Jashn Basmati Rice, that celebrates the culture of rice savour.

The Jashn Synopsis

In 2021, while having an introspective session about the versatility of rice and its complementary flavour to any kind of dish, Jashn Foods was brought to life with the sole purpose of amalgamating the traditional cultivation of rice with technology to distribute an exotic lineage of Basmati rice across India.

From long grain to Mogra, Jashn has a box full of assorted ways that you can celebrate the fibrous relish of Basmati at affordable mid-prices. Add it to your Hyderabadi or Kerala special dishes; there is no limit to the Jashn-e-Tarike you may experience.

The Design Recipe

To deliver the savour of a common food ingredient, the most vital element is to elevate its visual appeal. To telegraph this visual architecture, Jashn Foods approached NH1 Design with the objective to establish an unique identity of Jashn Basmati, the flagship brand of Jashn Foods, amongst the creatively stagnant marketing dynamic of packaged rice in India.

Deconstructing the branding process into two major categories, NH1 Design laid it out like a feast for the senses: Aroma and Appetite. They dissected the process into two main courses – visual allure and emotional pull – and served them up on a platter of creative packaging.

1. The Aroma

Implementing the visual shelf impact, the NH1 sets up the design aroma with painterly flow fonts on packaging design for Jashn Basmati hierarchy.

Confronted with a major challenge of disrupting the established branding of traditional rice brands spanning over five decades, the NH1 Design team chose to use modern and lively typography to create a fresh identity.

Along with the painterly flow font accompanying the celebratory sense of package, use of Peacock as the core illustration symbolises the blend of tradition with technology. With bright metallic hues of green, pink, magenta, blue and purple in the background, this silhouette of mirrored peacocks is an enriching sight hard to miss in a grocery store.

2. The Appetit

Mid-price, yet top-tier - the key formula devised by NH1 Design to simplify the modus operandi of Jashn brand identity.

You've probably come across the popular saying, you eat with your eyes first! To give the product a definitive notion of Appetit, NH1 Design has diligently used a colloquial set of nomenclature for the range of Basmati rice such as, Classic, Rozana, Super, Royal and Biryani. This product description adapts to the consumer's emotionality instantly as it has a familiar recalling value.

Moreover, Jashn’s packaging design is embroidered with gourmet details of rice grains and spoon to embellish the act of savouring Basmati rice as a daily meal or occasional dish.

The Platter of Jashn

Whether cooked in a commercial saucer or served in a porcelain plate with delicious gravy, NH1 Design has ensured to appoint the X-factor to Jashn’s signature identity.

Operation A - The Harvesting

The idea of peacock is fetched from the historical importance. As the national bird of India, Peacock is often used in traditional imagery and folklores for its distinctive rain dance during the monsoon season aligns with the period of rice cultivation in India.

By incorporating the peacock into the design, it serves as a metaphor for the auspicious beginning of positive times—a ‘Jashn’ or celebration. This thoughtful integration not only honours culture but also establishes a visual representation that resonates with the timing and essence of the rice cultivation season, creating a meaningful and culturally rooted packaging design.

Operation B - The Seasoning

John Sachs reminds us of the necessity of a brand story to unfold across all customer touchpoints. When breaking down NH1 Design’s marketing concept of Jashn, we can observe that the illustrious details of rice granules, spoon and the brushstrokes typography is a well-seasoned composition.

Furthermore, the product captions such as Rozana, Super, Classic, Biryani etc. is a sensible act of phonetic branding. It has an authentic tonality and homemade connotation.

One Last Dab

In the aftermath of harvesting and seasoning, the visual culinarians of NH1 Design has shaped Jashn Basmati as a timeless pack, with shelf-throw and cues of celebration, lending it an unique edge in the market -the promising sales being a testament to that!

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