Mayan Marvels: Unveiling the Sweet Story of Chocolate Biclate!

Mayan Marvels: Unveiling the Sweet Story of Chocolate Biclate!

When chocolate is at the front and center of your identity, you turn to Mayans for inspiration.

Client: Chocolate Biclate

Requirements: Rebranding and Packaging

Rebranding & Packaging Design for a Bakery Brand

A party or a wedding, a relationship management initiative or seasonal corporate gifting, nothing beats a gorgeous serving of Celebration’s smooth well-tempered chocolate or an attractive plateful of multi-tier creamy cakes or a scrumptious treat of layered confectioneries. That is Chocolate Biclate for you!

Where’s the Problem?

With more than 50 outlets in Pune, they had a presence but just lacked one thing! A clear brand message and consumer awareness. The goal was to boost footfall at outlets and establish the brand as an innovator in chocolate-oriented products.

From Ground Research to Mayan Inspiration

After the first step of ground research and analysis, interactions with the team, outlet visits, and by communicating with current and potential customers created an insights study to identify the positioning statement and communication strategy for the brand.

The current brand philosophy is ‘Chocolate as a core ingredient’ and the brand pillars are: operational efficiency, taste and service excellence.

When chocolate was front and centre (quite literally), the team of OneZeroEight decided to research a bit more on its history before finalising the concept. That’s when the Mayans came in.

Finding the Connection

The Mayans (Maya) were the first to discover cocoa as early as 900 AD. Compared to today’s chocolates the Mayan chocolate was very different and also healthy. They used to harvest the beans inside the cocoa pods and made them in liquid form to enjoy.

In fact, most of their artifacts and paintings are based on the Mayan people gathering, preparing or drinking cocoa. Cocoa was front and centre in their religious and social lives too. 

The team started to see a connection and brought Ancient Mayan history to Chocolate Biclate, to represent them as a brand with expertise in making chocolate-oriented products.

Chocolaty Calligraphy

Drawing inspiration from the rich texture of raw chocolate, they embarked on an exciting journey to create a unique and captivating typeface. The vision was clear - to craft a lettering style that mirrored the essence of the brand; simple, robust, and heartwarming.

While sketching and refining the design, the team realised that the magic lay in the rounded edges that gracefully adorned the logo. These subtle curves added a touch of softness, making the brand more relatable and approachable. And to top it all off, the typeface turned out to be incredibly eye-catching and easily recognisable, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who laid eyes on it.

Mayan Colours Unveiled: Infusing Vibrancy into Design

But it didn’t stop there. They decided to infuse the colour scheme with the captivating beauty of the Mayan flag. Inspired by its symbolism and historical significance, they carefully picked four vibrant hues. 

The white field, symbolising the people, anchored the design closest to the hoist. 

Then came the golden yellow field, representing the sun, followed by the majestic blue for the sky, and finally, the passionate red for fire. 

To add an extra touch of charm, they adorned the flag with a fringe in light blue.

Artistic Typeface and Packaging Fusion

The typeface and packaging became a seamless blend of artistic inspiration and thoughtful design. The raw chocolate texture, Mayan colours, and captivating illustrations formed a fascinating representation of the brand’s identity, showcasing the power of drawing inspiration from diverse sources.

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