You Can Judge These Books by The Cover!

You Can Judge These Books by The Cover!

As the digital world has made the world smaller, design has coalesced as well where different forms are uniting and new evolutions are seen. Illustration 'Type' is one such avenue of type design which can add more meaning to characters and words. Visual Communication Designer, Shaivalini Kumar throws some light on the key points to be kept in mind while venturing down this path.

Design is like a chemical reaction.

We've studied it in science how some reactions slowly yield products. That's exactly how design works as well. It all starts with the hint of talent that predisposes one towards the creative side of the world, just like potential energy which when comes in contact with culture, people, books, dialect, surroundings and food explodes to yield a great product - a designer! Inspirations that cradle us from childhood combine and release themselves through creative energy which manifests in various forms. It's all about finding magic in the mundane to create extraordinary designs.

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