Fresh Web Design Trends On The Block!

Fresh Web Design Trends On The Block!

Considering how everything is progressively going digital today, the web scenario is fast evolving. With that, web design is becoming more relevant and significant than ever before. Read on to find out what these current trends really are.

The internet is changing the world – it is changing how we do our every day and even specific tasks. When it is present at so many different levels and applicable in such diverse ways, the manner of presentation, functionality, usability, etc. all become rather important than just add-ons.
Web design has thus become relevant beyond purely aesthetics. Take a look at some of the current trends here, for there's everything from integrated animations to parallax scrolling.

Mobile First

The computer has virtually shrunk by quite a large extent to become the size and fit of our pockets, hasn't it! Well, from everyday functions to the relatively complex ones all available o the small screen, it is no surprise to find that friendly UI/UX, clean layouts, vibrant icons, menus and their pop-downs have all become fundamental elements of the digital design domain.

Designed by Stanislav Hristov
Designed by Johny vino™

Integrated Animations

Who isn't amazed by animations! So much so that it is the ideal tool and platform to engage even the grown-ups across various media. Its quirky, fun and interactive nature manages to capture the imagination and attention of one and all. No doubt, an integrated animation is readily found to be applied upon so many different web platforms today.

Designed by Stan Yakusevich

Broken Grid Layouts

Symmetry is not necessarily everything. Perhaps, not every time and in every place – it all depends on the context and the way asymmetry is applied. A mixed-and-matched amalgamation of lines, shapes, colours, forms, textures and the likes, broken grid layouts are only symmetry re-defined and re-imagined.

Designed by Sofia Pukovetskaya

Round Corners & Fluid Shapes

Rounded curves and fluid shapes are the new trends on web layouts and have become the "in" thing of current times across the web world. The clarity and simplistic yet effective minimalism of this form have overshadowed and conquered the rigidity and sharply defined structures of geometric forms such as angular designs. A soothing change to the eye, one could say.

Custom Illustrations

Custom illustrations are the all new rage today, as far as the latest evolution of web design is concerned. With all things custom, the look, feel and feel of different branding can be made so exclusive and distinct from the rest. This is one thing clients are always excited and encouraging towards.

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