How Beads Helps in Creating Elegant & Modern Jewellery?

They were a fad back in the 70s. They are redefining jewellery design now. Beads are adding contemporary sensibilities to classical thoughts to create jewellery for the women of today. Jewellery designer Riddhika Jesrani tells us how beads play a major role in creating elegant and modern jewellery designs
How Beads Helps in Creating Elegant & Modern Jewellery?

Beads Represent an Evolution.

Women are evolving. They are becoming bolder and are willing to try new things. Fashion-oriented jewellery is one of these. Working with beads makes necklaces look grand and glamorous. How light reflects off faceted beads and makes the wearer shine is inspiring. It's the attraction towards contemporary designs and materials that women are choosing to wear around their neck rather than traditional pieces. However, it's important to not make the change look so drastic. That's why adding some semi-precious stones helps bridge that thinking and strike a balance between the modern and traditional. It's how vintage stories can be told in a young, contemporary manner.

Jewellery Design is an Experience.

While designing, one must think about the person wearing it. How do you want her to feel? Once you have the answer to that question, use material, form, texture, and colour to design that feeling in your jewellery. Each piece is a story that can only be expressed with these four key elements. For example, a faceted bead will add a different look in a necklace than a plain red round one. If you're looking to make the design fun, then just add some felt beads. If you're working on kids' collection, keep the colours bright and the textures fun enough for the kids to enjoy.

There is Symmetry in Chaos.

It's important to first visualise the design, scribble it out if required. Next, think of a colour scheme. Once that's in place, pick out beads of different shape and size and lay them out. Then start eliminating. In other words, de-clutter. And you'll realize that in the end, all you're left with is what you string together. Make sure you take into consideration the colour and size of beads in order to balance your design.

Jewellery Need not be Serious.

Put some fun in it. Create designs that remind the wearer that it's not always about being perfect. It's about enjoying the moment and being comfortable with the way things are. We all know how Indians take their jewellery so seriously. The idea is to get customers to buy a piece because it makes them smile and feel good every time they put it on.

Fashion is Freedom.

Following fashion trends is totally out of fashion. What's in, is to believe in your own style and follow what makes you comfortable in your skin. It's this freedom that a jewellery designer must pass on. Treat each piece as an incomplete sentence, with a belief that the story becomes complete only when it is worn. After all, it's not just about what statement the jewellery piece makes, but also about how the wearer wants to make that statement.

Be Idea-Driven Rather Than Technique Driven.

Because, if the idea is in place you will figure out a way to make it. An idea or a colour scheme can be drawn from anything, anytime. It could be a rainbow you spot while traveling or the unique combination of colours in the food you're having. Inspiration can ignite anytime and that's why it's important to keep your eyes peeled and ears perked up for anything exciting. Don't worry if you don't know the technique. It can be learned on the job. Just be original and believe in your creativity and creations.

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