Advertising and Illustration is a Lethal Combination

Advertising and Illustration is a Lethal Combination

Illustration: Advertising is one such arena where one can achieve as much as they'd like; provided, that they've got the skills, talent and of course the courage. Nasheet Shadani, believes it's for every illustrator to make the most of this opportunity and create magical pieces that can manifest themselves as memorable communications.

If the Idea is the Soul of Any Work Then Illustration is the Body.

It is common belief that it's tough for a fresh college graduate to walk in with a portfolio and land into advertising directly. Common notions are that one needs 'contacts' and 'references'. That's not true. A good portfolio is the key into this exciting world, provided that the work contains not only cool designs and illustrations, but strong and unique ideas behind them as well. Once you make your way in, the world is yours. And for an illustrator, it's a very exciting place. There is a bit of illustration in everything you create, whether it's a logo design, typography, calligraphy or even a photo shoot.

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