Breaking the Clutter with Popular Dialogues

Breaking the Clutter with Popular Dialogues

Inspired from Indian trends Pavan Rajurkar portrays popular Bollywood themes or dialogues to convey the features of Mymedisyn app. The illustrations use humour to leave a mark on the user's subconscious.

The Brief

The client wanted to promote its app and the facilities provided by it. A major challenge was to break the clutter of 'monotonous ways of communication'.

The Concept

Being bombarded by depressing questions by medical organisations, led to the usage of Bollywood dialogues to lighten up the situation and convey the message of Mymedisyn app in fun way. In India, Bollywood enjoys a deep reach - from lower class to uneducated to poor to rich, so it seems an appropriate carrier of the message.

The Outcome

The output was far better than expected and so was the response to it. It was humorous yet informative at the same time. Somehow it hit the funny bones of the people and also leaves a desired mark on their subconscious.

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