Restless & Young Art - Jayesh Shah
Restless & Young Art - Jayesh Shah

Young & Restless Art

From random doodling to express his creative urge to taking his expression from the blank notebook to a degree in fine arts, Jayesh Seth has come a long way. One strong element stayed with him throughout, and that is experimentation. From being excellent in his own style of work, Jayesh keeps discovering new and new styles with each passing day. His ideas found their way into advertising, where his passion for art finds a medium for creative expression. A place where being crazy is all you need to be, the crazier your creativity the better you are at your job. From a strong sense of art and culture imbibed from growing up in Varanasi to working in the UAE, Jayesh fuses to bring together all his ideas to work up a brilliant creative. He has worked on numerous brands already. Versatility comes to him at a very young age. Here are a few of his creative expressions.

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