Eat Like No One's Watching: Full'r's Virtual Burger Revolution

How did 2500+ join Full'r's Virtual Burger Revolution? Find out how Landor & Fitch India's innovative campaign allowed people to 'Eat Like No One's Watching' during online meetings.
Eat Like No One's Watching: Full'r's Virtual Burger Revolution

In the era of remote work, lunch breaks have become a thing of the past. With back-to-back online meetings and cameras on, enjoying a burger during virtual gatherings has become a messy predicament. As a result, burger sales have taken a hit. Full'r, a Sri Lankan burger brand, recognized the need for a creative solution to put burgers back on people's lunch plates. They partnered with the innovative minds at Landor & Fitch India to revolutionise the way people enjoy burgers during virtual meetings.

Recognizing the inherent messiness of burger consumption and the constraints of online meetings, the team at Landor & Fitch uncovered a valuable insight. As Arnab Ray, Executive Creative Director at Landor & Fitch, explains, "We realised that eating a burger loses its flavour when people can see you do it. Our idea was to create a campaign that allowed people to eat like no one's watching, even during online meetings." This profound realisation served as the catalyst for the campaign, driving the team to develop a solution that would enable burger lovers to indulge in their favourite treat without any inhibitions, regardless of the virtual setting.

Before the Final Idea, there was…

During brainstorming sessions, the focus revolved around creating an atmosphere that emphasised the carefree enjoyment of burger eating. One wild idea involved a person devouring a burger while binge-watching a show alone at home, only to have the characters react with disgust. Although compelling, this idea was discarded due to privacy concerns.

The Idea: Full’r’s Burger > Boring Work Lunches

To bring the campaign to life, Full'r and Landor & Fitch India implemented a range of strategies. They leveraged scannable technology by incorporating QR codes on packaging, leading people to a dedicated website where they could record their best "meeting gameface." These videos could then be downloaded and used as virtual backgrounds on platforms like Zoom and Google Meet. This innovative approach allowed individuals to enjoy their juicy burgers messily and without anyone in the meeting being aware.

The team recognized the importance of creating a strong sacred asset for the campaign. The online meeting template was adopted as the visual world, leveraging its familiarity and relatability. Additionally, inspiration was drawn from the TV show "The Office" for the case study film, capturing the right personality and look-feel for effective storytelling.

2500+ Participants for a Burger Campaign, How?

A multi-channel approach was employed to reach and engage Full'r's target audience. Precise and captivating messages were crafted, focusing on optimal media placement for maximum impact. Channels such as Instagram and out-of-home advertising were utilised to create buzz and generate interest.

Among the various channels employed, the introduction of limited edition packaging proved to be particularly effective. The transformation of brand collaterals, including burger boxes, soda sippers, and French fry boxes, reflected the campaign's essence and sparked conversations. This unique touch heightened audience engagement and strengthened brand perception.

The big Impact

The "Eat Like No One's Watching" campaign yielded significant results. Over 3,700 QR code scans and more than 2,500 customers participated in the campaign. Full'r's Instagram followers increased by over 1,900. Most importantly, the campaign led to a remarkable 306% increase in orders, demonstrating the successful revival of burger lunches.

The "Eat Like No One's Watching" campaign successfully addressed the challenges faced by Full'r during the work-from-home era. By providing a solution that allowed people to enjoy their burgers without inhibitions during virtual meetings, Full'r re-established burger lunches as a cherished part of people's calendars. The campaign's impact, both on brand perception and sales, showcased the power of innovative thinking and creative execution in transforming consumer experiences.

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