35 day Jaipur journey through the lens of two dreamers!

35 day Jaipur journey through the lens of two dreamers!

Partners Rahul Mahipal and Girish Jain have come together as creative geniuses to irk the human brains with their visuals. Working out of their independent Digital Production House based in New Delhi, The Creaticity Studio, they have captured the heritage, culture, colours and patterns that the Royal City of Jaipur, Rajasthan has to offer.

India is a country of countless faces and deep cultural and religious sentiments, a visit to Jaipur banks on this very concept and what better place to shoot stunning visuals. A major attraction for tourists from all over the world for its ultimate royal experience; this city is a symbol of the entire spectrum of life in India.

The inspiration.

Since the beginning of their careers, Mahipal and Jain were dedicated to create stunning visuals, be it through graphic design, photography or motion graphics. The zeal to capture the grandeur of Jaipur was incepted from a long time, since one of them hails from Rajasthan. So the inclination of capturing Jaipur always existed and they took on the challenge to push the boundaries of their choice of medium to reveal locations in a unique & powerful way. Amalgamating hyper lapse photography & mind-bending camera movements they have unleashed the constraints of still & motion.

The challenges.

Getting permissions: For the first 10-12 days they worked on convincing government officials for shooting permissions. It was hectic to explain the motive and there was either was too much paper-work to go through or incredibly high charges to pay! At last, they went on board with no permissions & no camera stabilizing equipments.

Physical limitations: Shooting with just cameras it was a very exhausting execution where holding the cameras still for long hours affected both Mahipal and Jain tired and achy! The one step-one shot has them pausing to let people pass through frame.

Data Depository.

Using high end cameras (Nikon D810 & Panasonic Lumix GH4K) for the shots left them with a huge amount of data to sort through; the unavailability of PCs had both of them compile and analyse their shots without the possibility of checking the clarity and pixel details. So, they took chance & continued shooting without any compilation measures!

The equipment.

Cameras: Nikon D810 & Panasonic Lumix GH4K
Lenses: Tamron 15-30 mm & Panasonic 12-35 mm
Software: Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, LRTimelapse

2 Dreamers
12 Stays
35 Days
More than 100 hours of Rendering
220 Days of Post-Processing
47,786 Photographs
1 Incredible Journey

Creative Gaga