32 Free Fonts you can use to take your Typography to the next level

32 Free Fonts you can use to take your Typography to the next level

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Using the right fonts are important as every presentation demands certain elements to give the impression it hopes to spread.

Add value and personality to your texts with amazing fonts to attract your audience.

Fonts are great and it's highly doubted that one has not sat down at a computer and spent time playing with font choices just to see what looked best. There are numerous font choices, that it can sometimes be hard to choose the right and the perfect one. So the question is, is font choice really all that important? Well, it absolutely is!

The way you present your words can have a profound effect on how your readers perceive it and that's not all. There are plenty of other excellent reasons why picking up a font can be a vital and choosy task. Especially if you are looking for some amazing free fonts.

If you want your designs and fonts to go along with the messaging and brand, you need to have it set right and that should be engaging and compelling. You could even specify the type of font you want for a particular piece of design or you could craft a design based on your messaging font style. 

The whole purpose of putting the right font is to transmit an idea to the audience who will be reading them. The fonts you choose can have a major effect on the people reading the words you type and the perceived meaning can change drastically depending on the font style you have adapted. Although finding amazing fonts doesn't come cheap we are here to help you! Check out these incredible free fonts to go with all your requirements whether it's for your personal use or commercial.  

01 Coldiac Luxury Serif

Coldiac is a modern font family that reflects professionalism with every word, it has numbers, symbols, punctuation's, ligatures, and multilingual characters including small capitals for Latin and Cyrillic alphabets. This font will bring elegance to all your projects.

Presented by Craft Supply Co.

02 Mataö Elegant Serif

A fabulous serif font provided in OTF format that will mesmerize your viewers and if what you're striving for is elegance, you've stumbled upon the right tool with a set of uppercase and lowercase letters as well as a wide collection of ligatures that offer over 50 characters.

Designed by Identitype

03 Quick Elegant Sans Serif

Quick, a sans serif font is a beautiful font with an elegant design that comfortably rests its characters on the surface of your projects. It offers you multiple styles including regular, italic, light, and bold so you could pick your favorite one or choose a mix to add to your logos as well as texts.

Provided by Graphicfresh (official)

04 Quantum

Just like this font name indicates, Quantum introduces a rush of energy with its set of characters, a collection of discontinuous letters and numbers that can be easily identifiable. 

It has a futuristic design with bold features evident in all the uppercase letters that can be used for branding designs for TV series and movies set in the future or even for sci-fi books and graphic novels. 

05 LOT Display

This is LOT and it may seem like a lot to handle, but it takes a true designer to see its potential and the grand opportunities in which it can come to use. With a remarkable set of uppercase letters and numbers, all of which instantly jump off the screen with bold designs this font has Curves and sharp edges mingle to create special characters and its contemporary typeface introduces a captivating style, making it useful with special effects.

06 Standford Vintage

This free typeface includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals, and punctuations to have a strong presence. The more engaging the background is, the better it will be. Twists and turns surround every letter especially with the additional swashes leaving no character out of the fun.

07 Tamira Serif

Tamira font looks elegant and stunning at the same time combining different widths of lines to create noticeable designs that grab the viewer's attention from the first glance.

It includes 4 weights that you can use at any time including light, regular, bold, and black, all of which carry a different effect on your projects in addition to the wonderful designs carried by the letters, numbers, and punctuation. 

08 Sánchez Niu

The Sánchez Niu font is a redesign of Sánchez, a never seen before Latinotype family. It's astounding that it supports 219 different languages. With one single click, you will have at your hands a set of 720 characters with original designs and Open Type features: small caps, old-style figures, tabular figures, fractions, etc. The stylistic alternates come in multiple weights including light, bold, black, and regular which makes it suitable for any creative project.

09 Neon Tubes

When it comes to your artistic needs, an essential tool to have is this Neon Tubes font which brings light to the darkness with solid characters and creative designs and can be used for many different design projects with an artistic innovative twist by adding your glowing effect in Photoshop or HTML/CSS. The set of letters, numbers, symbols, and punctuation comes in two styles, bold and regular.

Shared by GraphicUX.

10 Genuine Sans

This fantastic sans serif font comes in all caps, offering an engrossing appearance with every letter typed. Straight lines and sharp edges combined to offer you a font that puts your audience at ease with its gentle and captivating presence.

Shared by Ari Riadi

11 Aquatico Sans Serif Typeface

Aquatico, the free sans serif font is inspired by the exotic sea creatures and brings in its bag of wonders a set of uppercase letters with rounded edges suitable for trendy designs as well as professional projects along with numbers, punctuation, and symbols. It comes in 4 styles: regular for logos and texts, oblique for more style designs, light for an elegant touch, as well as light oblique. 

Designed by Andrew Herndon

12 Nevrada Luxurious

This is Nevrada, a chic modern serif that comes with a set of uppercase and lowercase letters, both of which come with alternates to provide you with more options and stylistic effects, in addition to numbers, symbols, and punctuation marks.

Font shared by Aluyeah Studio

13 Landasans Condensed

This font offers a single weight, condensed, and bold enough to instantly grab the attention of viewers. Shared in TTF format, it has 230 glyphs ranging from uppercase and lowercase letters to numbers and punctuation marks.

Provided by Mantra Aksara

14 Noah Sans Serif

Noah is a geometric sans and with one single click, you can obtain the 72 fonts family that's divided into 4 subfamilies with different x-heights including Noah, Noah Grotesque, and Noah Text. The different styles carried by the font allow you to use it for multiple projects, even to use it for one which will provide an interesting effect including Noah thin, ultra-light, light, regular, medium, bold, heavy, black, etc

Provided by Font Fabric.

15 Kimaris Display

The font Kimaris varies between sharp letters and letters constructed by using edgy fragments. Because of this strong design, it can be used for projects related to clothing items, posters, logos for barbershops, workshops, vintage vehicle stores, and for projects where boldness is a must. 

Created by 811 Studio

16 Stanley

Stanley is an elegant stencil that combines rounded and rectangular forms. This font is multilingual and is perfect for branding, posters, letterhead, packaging designs, and much more.

Presented by JérémieGauthie

17 Kate

Kate, is an elegant serif typeface inspired by the world of Luxury. This typeface includes 3 font weights, awesome ligatures, numerals, and many alternates and is perfect for elegant logo design, posters, letterhead, packaging designs and so much more.


Based around a hexagonal grid, Elixia is a slightly condensed typeface with a strong vertical emphasis. It was created by artist and designer Kimmy Lee back in 2005 and includes upper case, lower case, numerals, extended characters, accents, and stylistic alternates. It would be best suited for use as a decorative display font, thanks to its mystical, futuristic vibe.

Created by Kimmy Lee

19 Carioca

Carioca is a fresh, fun, and fruity creation, based on a morphological color and pattern. This delightful free font was developed as part of a three-month experimental type project by Argentinian graphic.

20 Le Super Serif

Le Super Serif is a typographical experiment that works. It's described as "a fashionable uppercase typeface with a little modern western flavor to it". This free font features 88 ligatures and comes in the weights Regular and Semi-Bold. 

Created by Thijs Janssen

21 Mojito

Mojito is a refreshing sans serif font that is ready for anything! This handy semi-condensed font includes clean & textured fonts, with oblique versions for each. Equally comfortable being put to use in modern or vintage projects, this versatile font is excellent for logos & branding, advertising, promotions & events, plus countless other uses.

23 Bondi

Bondi is an uppercase font designed for headlines. The font features rounded corners that fit perfectly for logos, labels, headlines, prints, and much more.

24 Rachel Free Serif Typeface

Rachel, a serif typeface that will add a sophisticated touch to any medium and is available in full lowercase and uppercase letters and punctuation marks, for both personal and commercial use in Roman and Italic characters. You can also use it in gold color for your trendy typographic poster design and it will add class to your wall décor.

25 Subversia Typeface Free Version

Subversia is an old-fashioned sans serif font inspired by Victorian style and sport and will add a vintage decorative touch to any project; it's available in 3 different styles: regular, italic, and striped. It's great for poster design, branding, package and label design (hot sauce, bread, cigar boxes, beer bottles…), logotype, and old-fashioned print accessories like mugs, t-shirts, or pillowcases.

26 August Sans

This font can be used with absolutely any sort of project and as its name implies, it will add a sense of dignity to whatever you're working on. This free font is a modern piece of art; and yet it has a traditional look, because of its beautiful curves and condensed weight. It's available in TTF for personal use only; it comes in bold, bold italic, thin, and thin italic.

Created by Ellen Luff

27 Desuka Slab

This is Desuka, a slab font that will make you struck by the presence created by the thin vertical lines set symmetrically side by side which offers a professional-looking design with a clear presentation. Its modern style comes with a set of letters with proportioned designs that are noticeable even when set on their own. The font has 5 different styles: regular, light, semi-bold, bold, and outlined so you can just pick the one you're more comfortable with

Designed by Emyself Design

28 Shapiro Font Family

Are you on the hunt for a versatile font with a modern look and feel? This typeset may be just what you are looking for. With multiple weights from super light to super heavy, this font would look great on posters, flyers, and sports-themed website banners. The possibilities are endless with a sans serif font that is crisp and created with clean, sharp lines. A font style that is bold, elegant, easy to read. This font is available in five styles including light fly, feather text, and a unique bubbly extended font for easy customization. 

Created by OGJ Type Design

29 Salome Elegant Serif Typeface

This is a new seductive, stylish and elegant font inspired by the didones. It looks similar to the modern serif font family but differentiates itself from the Serifs elegantly and gracefully through the extreme variations in the thick and thin strokes, the italics, and small caps. 

30 Quick Elegant Sans Serif

Quick, a sans serif font with an elegant design that comfortably rests its characters on the surface of your projects offering you multiple styles including regular, italic, light, and bold, so you can pick your favorite or choose a mix to add to logos as well as texts.

Provided by Graphicfresh

31 Halfomania Futuristic Display

For your projects to gain a futuristic element with a peculiar effect that resembles no other, you need to check out Halfomania, a sans serif display font. Don't limit yourself to a time frame or a setting, you can freely use Halfomania with its set of uppercase and lowercase characters, numbers, and symbols for your posters, eye-catching logos (for businesses and individuals such as performers), apparel items, or any other design you'd like to add to personal or commercial projects.

Designed by Azer Nesib.

32 Lucrethia Sans Serif

Lucrethia, a sans serif font despite its minimalistic designs and straight lines, forces a stunning presence regardless of where it is used. You can see the appealing symmetry of the letter designs whether they're used in words, full sentences, or titles. This is why creating logos using different sizes of this typeface combined with simple illustrations would be suitable for several branding projects and many others.

Created by Onedsgn
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