DC Comics Reveal New Logo for Batman!

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With Detective Comics ushering in a new creative team, the Batman starring run gets a makeover.

Image Credit: DC Comics

Reflecting the upcoming story arc that is based on gothic opera and music, titled ‘Gotham Nocturne’, DC Comics has created a brand new logo accompanying a cover design by Evan Cagle. The ‘stunning’ logo has been designed by Darran Robinson who had previously designed various DC covers.

Robinson shared on his personal Twitter that he helped redesign the logo for Action Comics and revealed a rendered version. “Well if I hadn’t scratched out a little tiny corner of the comic history books for myself before now, I certainly did today!” he wrote. “Proud to say that two of the world’s oldest and longest running comic books now have logos that I designed featured on their covers! I can’t believe it!”

The new logo is clean and balanced, with the ‘Batman’ and ‘Detective Comics’ text perfectly placed inside the classic bat symbol, delivering a modern take on a classic logo. It’s super-satisfying to study the way the curves and text interplay within the space.

Image Credit: DC Comics

The new logo fits the Gothic theme of the book beautifully, its 80s’ horror font that looks like it would be on the front of a Stephen King novel, captures the book’s mood. Meanwhile, the black trade dress with the red DC Comics and Batman logo in each top corner helps bring the aesthetic together, as it makes Evan Cagle’s cover art stand out even more.

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