Curiosity, The Key to Creative Solutions

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Curiosity enables us to question everything around us and lean into uncertainty with a positive approach. This self branding film by artist Eui Soo Lim showcases curiosity as an integral part of problem solving to find creative solutions.

Curiosity is the key to develop creative solutions. Albert Einstein once said, ‘I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.’

Brief: The Source

‘Curiosity is the source of all my design process,’ explains artist Eui Soo Lim. As a self-branding film and a part of his graduate work at Visual Design & Art School, he designed ‘Curiosity’ to showcase the approach that is an integral part of problem-solving in a design for him.


Finding answers and the result of things that start with being curious are often unpredictable and are not confirmed. Although it could be frustrating, it is a valuable process that makes one approach problems from an unconfined, open mind to find the right solution.

Outcome: Beginning with unexpected results

And thus starts Curiosity Project. With a complex set-up representing various Q & A elements (Questions & Answers), the artist has further developed various attributes that showcase his approach – to repeatedly question, dig deep and persevere to find answers.

This design metaphorically gives us a glimpse of the artist’s mind by effectively portraying his approach to find solutions to problems by being curious.

As an alert pops up detecting a question, we see myriad of elements, of varied shapes and attributes gushing from a door. It is then that each of these elements passes various obstacles and tests, where many either disintegrate or fail in the search for answers.


However, slowly, an unexpected element finally finds its way to the question and turns out to be the solution.


Using Cinema 4D, After Effect and Premiere, the artist’s portrayal of his curious mind in ‘Curiocity’ to synthesise ideas and seek answers is effective.

Curiosity as a behaviour and emotion is attributed as the driving force behind human development. It is the building block to develop innovative and creative solutions.

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