Tips to Manage Through The Coronaism 2020

Tips to Manage Through The Coronaism 2020

Coronaism 2020 - A period when humans came to a standstill and locked up inside their home. They found it difficult to accept the situation and felt lost, insecure and uncertain of the future.

T hough the entire family is now captive and forced to adjust to multiple dynamics of everyday living. We focus on creative professionals and see how we can redefine life and work for creative professionals.

Work from home has added a new dimension for all creative professionals to reimagine the future with a sustainable business model. But what happens next is very uncertain, as mankind has never seen such a human-pause across the entire planet. Nature has come out as a clear winner through this. Hence it is important to understand the ways of birds, animals and plants that have survived with ease without human intervention. Our overthinking so-called intelligent mind is the cause of such a disaster.

We have achieved a lot as being humans. We feel we have discovered a lot and know everything about the planet. But we failed. We failed to understand our existence and how to survive naturally. We took convenience as our yardstick of life. Everything is now controlled on our fingertips. Technology has intruded into every personal space and is tracking every move of ours. And now when the world has come to a PAUSE. We have been cornered. We are physically stuck and mentally blocked. What to do NEXT.

Being in Awareness

All of us are by now habituated to the fast pace of life. There was no time for self-introspection. Now is the time. This situation has given you an abundance of time with yourself. If we are still seeking answers in newspaper, television or Whatsapp, then depression is not far. Negativity hurts. It gets into your subconscious and fear and insecurity is the only emotion you are left with. Switch to early morning meditation. Any modality that allows you to be at ease with yourself works. In that mode of oneness, being in the NOW moment, allows you to connect with your self-consciousness.

The universal life force that magically runs the entire system starts flowing through you. That energy has the power to raise your awareness of the highest frequency. Once you resonate in that range, messages, ideas, visuals show up as a guiding light. Your awareness picks it up and gives you valuable insights on 'what next'.

Total Surrender

The entire cosmos is designed to work systematically and in harmony as a continuous a cycle. The Sun, Moon, Sky, Ground, Water do their duties selflessly. Why is it then that we challenge this beautiful flow? Why intrude? Be like nature. Free-flowing. Giving and taking. Why conclude? Why have a fixed point of views - why not explore & experience? Why not live in choices and possibilities? The magic is in total surrender. This, however, is the most difficult part. Once we learn how to let go just like that, we see the transformation of the inner self happening.

The Art of Minimalism

This situation has taught us to differentiate between needs and wants. Limited resources. Limited travel. Limited social meetings. Limited food choices. With the influx of too much information via mobile, people are now looking for ways to change their habits. Limited access has made life simpler. We are learning to be satisfied with what we have. Luxury and convenience are out. Fewer utensils. Less pileup. Less to wash. Less to waste. Less to wear. Less to spend. This seems to be a crash course in minimalism. Go for it with grace.

What About My Job, My Business?

Well, this is a challenging question. Loads of insecurity, lots of big risks and complete shutdown. How to survive this phase? Well, positive thinking surely helps. Keep away from fake news and negative content to start with. Start talking to your peers and look for collaboration possibilities. Keep your communication with existing clients and discuss new possibilities. All these are normal human actions.

To be in an evolved state, one may need to transcend normal behaviour. Ask, how can you be a contributor now? What else can show up in my life? What is it that Ι have not explored, that can change the course of my life? What can I do differently? When you are in total awareness and consciousness, the universe will make shifts and changes to show up things, people or situations that will answer your questions.
We hope, this answers some our the most pressing questions in the age of coronaism.

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