The New World

Adapting to the new lifestyle, managing household chores is a challenge that Rohan More, an artist of Mumbai, is struggling with.
Home. Inspired by a Marathi movie Vihir.
Home. Inspired by a Marathi movie Vihir.

Balancing working from home and maintaining a stable sleep cycle has been a hassle for most of us lately, but Rohan has set boundaries to his work schedule to avoid conflict with his personal life. Setting up a proper routine in quarantine that includes work, cooking, cleaning etc., he is inspired by the situation around the world and converts it into art. Sketching and creating illustrations is an avid part of his routine and his recent artworks have interesting and strong meanings behind them and capture people’s attention.

01 Role Reversal

A human confined in a bottle of sanitizer reflects on the cruelty that animals have faced through decades while being caged for human pleasure.

02 Home

Inspired by a Marathi movie Vihir, the illustration captures the emotions of the protagonist.

03 Rebuild

A tribute to the health workers around the world, the message from Rohan’s art is loud and clear!

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