The Journey From Anxiety to Art

Like many of us, Aniya Varghese initially dealt with anxiety and depression in quarantine, but unlike many of us, she created art out of it!
The Journey From Anxiety to Art

Currently residing in Navi Mumbai, she is spending her time exercising, cooking and making art with 'social distancing' as the key subject. Combining her creativity, emotions and the current global situation, she has engulfed herself in art and considers self-doubt as her major challenge. Taking some time to replenish physically, emotionally and mentally, she believes that it is important to be kinder and appreciate the little things that matter the most.

01 Wear a mask, save the world. Because #thatswhatheroesdo

Wearing a mask is not an option anymore, and Aniya believes it looks kind of cool!

02 Relationship Status: Social Distancing

Created using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Procreate, the artwork showcases the present scenario and the 'new cool'.

03 The New Normal

A must-have accessory; this is Aniya’s quirky way of promoting the use of masks called the 'The Mast Mark'.

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