Quarantine and Chill?

Although appreciating the calmness that Mumbai was experiencing for the first time, Abhinay Shirole is missing his daily travelling and late-night hours at the office.
Quarantine and Chill?

Putting things into perspective, he has started cooking, learning and designing new illustrations with the abundant time in hand. To reach his desired standard of drawings, Abhinay scribbles and scraps multiple artworks and believes in challenging himself with every new work. 

01 Work From Home on a Monday Morning!

An interesting take on the Monday blues, Abhinay illustrates the advantages of working from home as a comfortable environment.

02 I don’t need any feedback; I just need a scope

Depicting the frustrations of every other PubG player, this is something a lot of us can relate to!

03 Together is Distance

Showcasing his life at the chawl he lives at, Abhinay has recreated the old memories of the string phone and emphasises on the importance of social distancing.

04 WFH with Benefits

The illustration has acute and intricate detailing and depicts the behind the scenes of work from home.

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