Corona Safe Work Spaces - Download Posters by NH1 Design

Corona Safe Work Spaces - Download Posters by NH1 Design

We all got a sigh of relief when the government allowed business, market and workplaces to reopen. As we all know, it will not be as normal as earlier hence all the team member, customers and business owners need to follow a new level of hygiene and preventive measures to be safe from the Corona Virus (COVID-19). NH1 Design has taken the initiative to spread awareness of what-to-do in and around the workspaces.

To spread the awareness in these challenging times, NH1 Design has recently designed #WorkSafe Poster and Signages templates on things to do to be safe from Corona Virus infection. These posters and signages are free to download and are print-ready also can be easily customised.

Business can embed their company logo in the space at the bottom-right corner and they are available in both Hindi and English language. They cover guidelines for both, the community and individuals so feel free to download of your choice and let your employees or customers feel safe and secure while working at your work space.

Posters related to business hours, premise health and general recommendations. Can be placed at the entry and other common areas.

Posters related to individual best practices for safety of self and others. Can be placed at entry, exit, work stations, washrooms, cafeteria etc.

Posters related to public and private transport best practices and guidelines to reach and leave work. Can be placed at entry and exits.

Posters related to business areas best practices. Can be placed at entry, exit, stairs, elevators, meeting rooms, cafeteria, washrooms etc.

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