Spreading Awareness Digitally

Vishwajeet Sinkar, an artist from Satara, Maharashtra considers himself extremely lucky that he could stay with his family and relish his mother’s home-cooked meals, during the lockdown.
The Hidden Half
The Hidden Half

Spreading of misinformation during this pandemic was quite prominent on social media, hence Vishwajeet decided to make art that would create awareness. Shifting his style from water-colour paintings to digital art, he perceived this challenge as an opportunity to create meaningful artwork. Using Photoshop and Wacom tablet for the first time, it opened up doors for unique and new creative ideas. As for the uncertain future, Vishwajeet feels that daily-wage workers and professionals are suffering but things would eventually become better and normal.

01 The Hidden Half

Inspired by an interview of a nurse wearing a full PPE Kit and talking about her experience, Vishwajeet tried to capture the pain and suffering that she was trying to hide.

02 The Real Saviour - COVID Yodha

Inspired by the ‘Avengers’, Vishwajeet created this artwork to showcase a health worker as a glorious warrior with a syringe as a weapon.

03 The Real Saviour- Cleaners

An ode to the cleaners and helpers who work hard every day to keep our surroundings hygienic, the red depicts the virus and the cleaner fighting it with vigour.

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The Hidden Half
Vishwajeet Sinkar
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