Effective Communication of Ideas Help Build Great Brands

Effective Communication of Ideas
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Praveen Das and Kartik Iyer from Happy MGB, illustrates upon its core approach that ‘effective communication of ideas help build great brands’, further introducing us to their process of brainstorming, building upon the information and concept, finally leading to the execution and output.

Effective Communication of Ideas

What’s the idea behind the consistent feature of simplicity and minimalism in your works?

Praveen Das: Economy of design is something we always aspire towards. A ‘say less in order to say more’ kind of philosophy. All great ideas tend towards simplicity but are also the most difficult to achieve. For us, there always needs to be a balance between the functional and the aesthetic, and we add an element of disruption somewhere to make the idea fly. Simplicity lies at the heart of all this.

What do you feel is the essence of your style of work?

Praveen Das: We extensively use design-thinking as a process to find solutions. As a result, we begin with ‘empathy’, which means we do deep listening to the client’s challenges and pain points. This is part of the ‘immersion’ stage, where we also gather data, research, etc. Next, we move to the ‘inspiration’ stage, where we ideate, sometimes using design-thinking creative tools. We then move onto the ‘innovation’ stage, where we disrupt, and finally to the ‘implementation’, where we do the detailing of the execution. After this comes the evaluation, which involves feedback from the market, client, consumer, etc. and we are ready once again to modify, improve, change and fine tune the communication further.

How do you decide the tone of the design to make it suit the communication/brand?

Praveen Das: We determine the tone of voice for the brand after much research, benchmarking, consumer studies, observations and insights. Primarily, it depends on the product; the target group; the objective of the communication, etc. For instance, after creating the corporate identity, we go on to determine the brand world, signage, environmental graphics, digital graphics, a tone of voice of the communication/ ads, look and feel of the visuals and more. We try to find that single voice, theme and synergy across all our communication, whatever be the touch point. This is to ensure consistent and recognisable messaging, which in turn ensures gaining the consumers’ mindshare and in maximising media spends.

What do you feel is the balance between marketing, portfolio and quality of work when it comes to acquiring work? Do you think there’s anything more a designer needs to do?

Kartik Iyer: In the creative business, we all work for three things. Fortune. Freedom. And Fame. At any given point of time, you should always get two of the three from any project. Do great work. That is your portfolio. Make sure people get to see it. The rest will happen.

What would be your advice to the designers of today, regarding the best way to balance finances and acquiring quality projects?

Kartik Iyer: Work hard to be the best at what you do. No matter how good, always remember, what you do in the end is a product or service. And, like any other product or service, success also is defined by the challenges and vagaries of doing any business. One should not confuse the two. Just because you are good at one, it doesn’t mean you are great at the other. In simple words, no matter how good you are, it is important to conduct good business well in order to succeed. And always remember that you can’t be the best at everything. Seek the best help when you need it. Even if it means getting someone to manage your finances.


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