9Twenty Creative

9Twenty is a collaboration by brothers Shrinivas and Shivaram Ananthnarayanan.

Anna Dittmann

After graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design in


After completing her graduation as a product and UI designer from Srishti School of Art in Bangalore, Surabhi Joshi is currently a product designer

After completing her graduation from Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Arts in Mumbai, illustrator Mamata Temkar worked with an International skin care brand

A visionary with over ten years of experience in the visual effects industry ranging from motion pictures, graphic designing, advertisements and broadcasting, T.P Vineeth

Pursuing his passion as a commercial artist, Lovely Kukreja is based in Delhi with over twelve years of experience in Game Art and Content

FutureDeluxe Design Studio, based in London, UK, specialises in creating live motion and experimental design. It's headed by Andrew Jones and James Callahan, whose

Rajesh Thomas, co-founder of RocketScience Lab in 2010 as a mixed media production company, It's a director-driven mixed-media production company. The lab designs moving

A NID graduate Sheetal Sudhir founded a broadcast & communication design company, Dynamite Design, where she continues to brand various channels and package iconic

Vidya Thomas is the Co-director & Founder of Rocketscience Lab, an acclaimed and multi-award winning mixed media production company known for their experimentation and

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