Sanjay Reddy

Describing himself as a “curious” mind, Sanjay Reddy’s curiosity and

Arpitha Gujjar

Arpitha Gujjar is a self-taught designer who loves to work


A final year student of Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Art, Shubham Ghumare, who is interested in animation, illustration and painting along with

Sushant Kamble, a self-taught sketch artist, digital illustrator and conceptualiser.

Landor has been using insights and imagination to help clients grow for 76 years, across 26 offices in 19 countries, working with a broad

Founded in 2010 by Directors Vidya Sharma & Rajesh Thomas, RocketscienceLab is a director-driven mixed-media production company based out of India. Since its launch,

A Bangaluru based UX/UI studio, Lollypop Design that creates digital experiences, which communicate and engage users with their client. They have served the clients

The story of Anil Reddy, the founder & design director of Lollypop can be inspiring and encouraging for any passionate soul, as he is

Yogesh Vikram, an artist from Uttar Pradesh, keenly observed his brother’s sketching and transformed that into his inspiration, which led him to become an

Originally from Sindhudurg Kudal village, Alpesh Ghare is an artist who packed his bags with brushes, paints and tons of ambition and moved to