The Intense Packaging!

The Intense Packaging!

Itu Chaudhuri Design shares their journey of creating a packaging design for Wildstone’s latest entrant in the no gas deo range. They reflect on the challenges, trials and tribulations that lead to a distinctive design that was rooted in the larger Wildstone family.

Client - McNroe
Requirements - Packaging Design

The Brief

Wild Stone is a brand of popular, mass market fragrances for men from the house of McNroe. Intense is Wild Stone’s new no gas deo range, their latest entrant for this highly competitive category. Itu Chaudhuri Design were approached to design a pack for the new range—one which could differentiate it enough for a new segment yet keep it within the Wild Stone family

WS Intense Packaging
WS Intense Packaging
Key Requirements - The packaging design was required to

1. Strengthen Wild Stone’s position in the non- gas deo market.

2. Clearly differentiate from Wild Stone’s other ranges but still be a part of the Wild Stone family.

3. Keep the idea of concentrated intensity alive.

WS Intense Packaging
WS Intense Packaging

The Problem

The design of Wild Stone Intense had to prepare it for an intense battle, literally in the hyper competitive no gas deo market. The main challenge was to create a pack that distinguished Intense from Wild Stone’s other ranges while remaining a part of the elaborate Wild Stone family

WS Intense Packaging
WS Intense Packaging

Strategy and Approach

Intense fragrance for an intense world

No-gas deos are perceived by Indian consumers to contain more perfume and no “gas” than their aerosol-based counterparts, resulting in a more “intense” experience. The packaging needed to draw attention to the intense fragrance right away.

The design is scaled down to create a tiny intense area that reverberates across the larger space, mirroring the thought behind the perfume’s intensity.


Intense experiences are part of our daily lives. A supernova pierces the pack’s deep, dark space, bringing the ‘intensity’ to the fore in the centre of the pack. The pack’s deep, almost sombre backdrop is fiercely pierced by a star burst, symbolising the promise of concentrated intensity in Intense and, of course, our lives.

The signature torn label and scratch mark are references to Intense’s friendship with the Wild Stone family. The ripped label takes on a new persona—now it’s black and intense, at home in its new environment. A new label architecture was crafted to distinguish the non-gas ranges from the regular variants; a second, breakaway piece of the torn label now informs the user about the new variant and reminds them of the fact that it’s not the usual stuff, but the new Intense fragrance, a notch above the rest.

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