Reigniting the Romance of the Tailored Fit!

Reigniting the Romance of the Tailored Fit!

Styling men is no laughing matter and no one does it better than Raymond. Within a sea of retail sites with multiple brands and plump discounts, see how Fractalink revitalised Raymond’s digital presence and brought back the romance of the tailored fit.


Requirements – Omnichannel experience design for Raymond

The Brief

The “It Brand” of Men’s Fashion

The leading manufacturer of worsted suiting fabric in the world, Raymond is a renowned textile company that has dominated the market for high-end men's apparel, tailored suits, and shirts for more than 90 years.

However, India’s premium manufacturers of tailored suits were faced had to contend with a change in consumer preference for ready-made clothing. They also saw that larger shopping websites like Jabong, where their brands sold better. Thus, Fractal Ink was brought on board to revitalise Raymond’s digital presence and enhance their online user engagement strategies.

The Problem

Craft Meets Science in High End Tailoring

Tailoring apparel from textiles is a time consuming and often, frustrating process. Given this, how could the customer be enticed to give tailoring a try? How could a one brand e-commerce site have an edge over larger retail sites that bring a plethora of brands and plump discounts all to user’s fingertips?

The Strategy

The Romance of the Tailored Fit

The answer was to not compete with the multi brand store, but to create a niche for the online Raymond brand one of advisory and style consultancy. It drew from the one thing they had that nobody did - decades of experience in men’s clothing. They recreated the romance of the tailored fit and provided convenience in the form of tailors who came to the customer, not the other way round.

Raymond brought back the love for high quality tailored suits in the midst of readymade. With digital this service was made more compelling by adding a layer of visualisation which helped decision making. Customers were engaged through consultancy and style advise incorporated into cutting edge interfaces.

The Approach

Customer Engagement is the Secret

With fabric comes tailoring and somehow in the age of tailoring everything became instant. An ecommerce portal became the heart of all digital interventions. Raymond next was born and built with a view of integrating various brands and leverage the customer data across brands. Fractal helped Raymond put together a platform which allowed users to look for a trained tailor around them much like uber.

Fashion is a matter of personal taste and merits careful consideration. They also created a psychographic analysis tool that allowed to analyse personality and match with trends to bring the most relevant solutions to the surface. While blogs and trending styles are great to have, it doesn't help in recommendations.

With the help of this in-store software, salespeople were also given access to customer profiles and suggestions on how to engage walk-in customers more deeply. The secret was to first identify your clients before creating journeys that would promote deeper involvement.

The Design

Attack Fashion, not Commerce

Raymond has a strong brand presence and a great legacy. However, with time, each brand went on its own digital adventure, which led to an incoherent visual language. Fractal put together a guideline to bring all to one common level with strong visual style. All customer touch points were explored to give a truly omnichannel experience to the consumers. Large screen touch experiences were installed in stores to able to give life like view of the garments which also allowed customisation.

In order to develop a brand's entire presence, a strong online corporate presence was essential. The corporate website integrated well with all the sub brands and gave visitors an opportunity to look at Raymond as a bigger and a closely integrated brand.

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