KALW Radio Station gets a Fresh Look for the Digital Age!

KALW Radio Station gets a Fresh Look for the Digital Age!

In a world of iPhones, Spotify and iTunes, a radio station sounds like a thing of the past. Not KALW, the local public radio station. The heart of the city, a radio station with a legacy, they needed a rebrand to propel them into the next 80 years.
Requirements – Re-brand and Brand positioning

The Brief 

Today when we carry within our pockets an endless number of playlists, podcasts and live streams, the idea of a “radio station” feels something straight from the archives. But local public radio stations? Everyone makes an exception for them.

They capture what can’t be recreated by a line of code - the pulse of the community we live in. For the past 80 years, KALW has been that radio station for the Bay Area—producing local talk, news and music shows that are socially-minded, solutions-oriented and community-focused.

KALW was looking to transform their brand in order to achieve much greater recognition and communicate what is most unique about them. They needed a new way to showcase KALW’s values and strengths - and promote unified messaging across all of their growing programs and podcasts.

In came COLLINS to create a new identity in sync with the legacy of 80 years of KALW and propel them into their next 80 years.

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