Healthy is the Win-Win Burger!

Healthy is the Win-Win Burger!

The Neat Trick shares their journey of creating the new brand identity system of Burgrill, a burger brand with a healthy twist. Gear up for a behind-the-scenes look into how Neat Trick’s strategic and creative aces brought forth a brighter, bolder yet minimal identity.


Requirements – Rebranding, Packaging and Illustrations

The Brief

The Better, Butter Burger Brand!

The literal amalgamation of the word “Burger’” and “Grill”, Burgrill is a brand that solely took upon itself to change the world of cravings, for better, butter and burger! They are out to revolutionize burgers for people with good and conscious taste. They took the good old burgers and tweaked how and what is put inside to match the cosmopolitan-health-conscious clientele. A healthier route for a fast food that is universally loved and an idea this novel needed an identity that could stand up to it and match their vision.

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