Healthy Indian Millets are Back! Health Sutra Brand Identity

Healthy Indian Millets are Back! Health Sutra Brand Identity

The brand identity was done by Elephant Design to ensure ancient Indian millets could make a comeback into the market in its raw, authentic and unprocessed form. The millets were highlighted as healthier alternatives that could be used with extreme versatility and fit into the contemporary Indian person's diet.

The Clients' Ethos

A venture of Fountainhead Foods, Health Sutra was launched in 2013 to create packaged food with the goodness of millets that can easily be incorporated into the contemporary Indian lifestyle.

Launching Health Sutra

As a relatively new player hopping on the healthy food bandwagon, Health Sutra aimed to enter into retail with their range of millet products. The aim was to create awareness on how millets – an Ancient superfood – can be eaten at every meal and customised to suit today's lifestyle.

The Prehistoric Goodness

The humble millet – an ancient superfood, is packed with fibre, keeps us full and is loaded with nutrients beneficial to the human body. Health Sutra saw a market for millets in the health-conscious shopper that would be aware of the benefits of the millets and choose this over the heavily processed grains available in the market.

Unbeatable Versatility

The modern Indian mother, when it comes to breakfast, likes relying on less-processed options. She is also familiar with Jowar, ragi, and Bajra, but doesn't always connect them to basic food preparations like Poha, idlis and so on. This proved to be a challenge as even though most Indians are aware of millets and its benefits, but are unable to incorporate them as a part of regular meals. The team at Health Sutra had to come up with a wide variety of options that could be used for breakfast, lunch or dinner and even snacking. Another thing to be kept in mind was that it had to be tailored to fit into the contemporary Indian diet with ease.

Enabling Pickup Potential

Different colours were used to code different types of millets for establishing a brand identity and enabling easy identification. The pickup potential of the product was crucial due to its nature which led to the creation of innovative products such as Jowar idly mix and Ragi flakes/Jowar flakes to be consumed as breakfast cereal instead of its sugary, processed counterparts available in the market. This outlined both, the versatility of millets and the variety of ways in which millets could be prepared by the consumer to suit the modern Indian diet on an everyday basis.

Mixing the Tradition with Modern

The role of branding was to highlight the edge of the product which it has over its counterparts and also establishing a brand identity that showed a blend of traditional goodness on the modern breakfast table. Several purpose-driven design elements were added to depict farm freshness and authenticity.

Custom illustrations with different colour palettes were added to signify and personalise each variant. For example, the breakfast bowl and the sun were used to convey the purpose of the product in a simple non-textual manner. And to highlight the raw and unprocessed nature of the product, a transparent window was created to show customers what exactly they were getting. Additionally, the tagline 'Millets of India' was added to highlight its authentic source.

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