Epique Packaging Redesign by Itu Chaudhuri Design

Epique Packaging Redesign by Itu Chaudhuri Design

Itu Chaudhuri Design shares their journey in creating a new packaging redesign for Epique, a premium skincare line by the renowned ALchem International. They reflect on the challenges, the trials and tribulations that led to the new, breathtaking packaging aptly reflecting the brand and its values.

Client – Alchem International
Requirements – Packaging Redesign

The Brief

Epique is a premium skincare line founded on the superior quality of its plant extracts, a strength derived from its parent company’s 75-year history. With operations in Turkey and India and plans to expand, they approached ICD to redesign their packaging seeking a more luxurious position in the market.

Key Requirements

The packaging must:
1. Establish the brand’s luxury position
2. Be strikingly visible on shelves
3. Establish the product’s premium pricing
4. For the longer term, be aimed to create a brand platform bullet based on the brand’s inherent strengths of “natural beauty enhanced by science.”

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