Arriving at the Brand New Junction of Express Yourself!

Arriving at the Brand New Junction of Express Yourself!

Animal fills in with the prodigious details of how they revamped India's oldest telecommunication network, Airtel, and transformed it into a new age sophisticated muse for desi folks who love unlimited buzzed conversations.

Client - Airtel India

Requirements - Rebranding Design

The Brief

The history of the foundation of Airtel is nothing short of a rollercoaster ride, a much inspiring uphill battle of an entrepreneur who laid primitive confidence in the mobile telecom business in India. 

What started as a push-button phone, 'Mitbrau', in the early 90s came to become AirTel (later rebranded as Airtel), a cellular services brand hitting 2 million subscribers of cellular customers making it the first telecom company to ever achieve this milestone!

Airtel is the godchild of Bharti Enterprises, formed by Sunil Bharti Mittal and well accommodated under Bharti Cellular Limited (BCL), thus giving it the name, Bharti Airtel.

Unlike how mysteriously the universe works, the journey of the Airtel brand across India reveals a man with a clear vision, pure manifestation, and indomitable courage to take the road not taken before.

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