A Little bit of Tennessee Diwali

Itu Chaudhari Design (ICD) fills into an ambitious project they received during one of the important festivals of India - Jack Daniel's Diwali Festive Pack. Get a defined sneak peek at the making of the embellished designs of the world's best-selling whiskey.
A Little bit of Tennessee Diwali

Client - Brown Forman (Jack Daniel's)

Requirements- Festive Product Design

Itu Chaudhari Design - Jack's Diwali

The Brief

The history of the creator of Jack Daniel's, Jasper Newton "Jack" Daniel, is shrouded in mystery, from several anecdotes to biographies which acclaim different stories.

But his creation isn't.

Business Insider - Jack Daniel's

Founded in 1866, Jack Daniel's is the oldest registered distillery of America and the best selling Whiskey brand in the world, spanning more than 150 years now.

In the true spirit of Southern life and much in the style of Frank Sinatra's ode of 1955, "It's the nectar of the Gods.", Jack Daniel's has a complex flavour profile, made up of 'sour mash' of corn, rye and malt (barley).

Brown-Forman Corporation, one of the largest wine and spirits company in America, manages the production and distribution of Jack Daniel's, today.

The Indian market has, diligently, contributed to the worldwide notoriety of Jack Daniel's, being the highest whiskey-consuming nation across the globe. Cherished by millions of desis, such a glorified brand must create a candid connection with its key consumers relative to changing dynamics of product marketing.

India loves its festivals, especially Diwali. The colours, the traditions, the adorned attires, and the festooned exhilaration - an almost larger-than-life moments captured within the faith and divinity of religious foundations are simply the bejewelled Nirvana attained every year.

With the heightened brand identity and ensuring a strong appeal, Jack Daniel's create a festivities special layout for its Indian users.

Diwali of 2022 has been one of these creative branding junctures for Jack Daniel's to establish a familiar branding silhouette- Jack's Diwali.

The Three Whiskeyteers -

Among the popular lineup of Jack Daniel's best editions or Expressions, Old No. 7 reigns the chart. This Black Label expression is a classic amongst Jack Daniel's iconic fleet, selling almost 12.5 million square cases in 2017. The signature vanilla taste mixed with true charcoal mellows has its own fandom, famously nicknamed as "JD".

Itu Chaudhari Design - Jack's Diwali

Next in line is Gentleman Jack and Single Barrel Select; these expressions are quite popular among Indian whiskey lovers.

This alcoholic trinity (or let's call them the "Whiskeyteers"), make up the target products which Brown-Forman wanted to give a revamp for the festive season of 2022-23.

Key Elements from The Design Inventory:

Itu Chaudhari Design - Jack's Diwali

1. Maximalism - ICD shares one of the thought processes behind Jack Daniel's festive design is to shower it with a maximalist illustration. Bright LED outlines of shimmering gold and silver colours set against the black background gives this festive edition an oomph and grandeur, reflective of Indian Diwali traditions.

2. Stick up for the philosophy - For any international brand to find its way to a desi soul needs to trace the cultural thesaurus for practices that unite India above the vast diversity. ICD team ensures to acknowledge the liberal nature of India's celebration in Jack Daniel's design. From the regal attires to shiny decorations and bursting fireworks, tapping into the festive personality is a shot that can not be missed.

3. Delivering the right message - With an exclusive anecdote-like message, exclusively curated for those candid recreations - from evening gossip to family games, finds a middle line of connection to Indian consumers and fits right into the spirit of Diwali. ICD creative team takes up the challenge to embroider a prologue that feels familiar to Jack Daniel's desi whiskey aficionados.

The Design Playground

ICD has categorically divided the Jack Daniel's product design into two fields of conception and execution - The Canvas and The Diwali Dispatch.

Itu Chaudhari Design - Jack's Diwali

1. The Canvas - Setup in the religious connotation of Diwali, Jack Daniel's festive pack has an illustrious rendering of gold and silver colours, perfectly mimicking the Diwali lights. This lustrous design against a polished black background imitates the luminescent diyas and LED lights hanging from the balcony on Diwali night.

Itu Chaudhari Design - Jack's Diwali

This render follows the pattern of Rangoli, the heart of Diwali decorations. Coloured interwoven art design is a traditional way of welcoming Gods to our home during the festival of lights. This pattern cultivates the vibrant vibe of Indian celebrations.

Nothing screams Diwali more than the loud crackling sounds of fireworks as Indians celebrate the return of Lord Ram. Emulating the same transient vibe of happiness and pride, Jack Daniel's packaging has caricatures of fireworks paired with the iridescent form of Jack Daniel's authentic square bottles. (P.s.: genius marketing, for sure!)

Itu Chaudhari Design - Jack's Diwali

2022 has observed an elevated sense of product designs. Living in the era of conceited creativity, the best product illustration keeps it subtle, sophisticated, and sensible. This conceited yet classy design is showcased in Jack Daniel's festive packaging. The packaging canvas highlights the iconic Jack Daniel's bottle silhouette at the center, which does not take away from the consumers' affinity. Instead, it finds its place amongst its consumers.

The Diwali Dispatch - Get any alcohol connoisseur in line to argue, but the worst feeling in the world is not getting a memo! Much like art, a product design act as a catapult for consumption. What the creators have to say to their customers defines the branding experience, even before the whiskey enthusiasts or "anoraks" taste the product.

Itu Chaudhari Design - Jack's Diwali

The minimalist quote, "Celebrate Freely, Drink Responsibly" is balanced by a short delightful note - a note which introduces Jack Daniel's festive edition to Indian customers as well as gives the sense of belonging to the product itself.

Final Verdict

This new festive design for 2022 Diwali is, in a true sense, Jack's Diwali. It encapsulates the significance of Diwali with elements of practical nuances of both charming conundrums and traditional sentiments. From the depiction of LED lights to detailed rendered patterns, the ICD team has made it all count!

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