A Flavourful Revolution - Havmor's Journey of Taste, Festivity and Cultural Fusion

A Flavourful Revolution - Havmor's Journey of Taste, Festivity and Cultural Fusion

With over 160 delicious flavours, Havmor went on a journey to not only aim to delight taste buds but also captivate customers with visually stunning and attention-grabbing packaging this festive season.

Revolutionizing Taste and Style

Havmor, an ice cream brand based in Ahmedabad, boasts a wide-ranging product portfolio with over 160 delectable flavours. They have established a prominent presence with their parlour network across 14 states in India. With two production plants, Havmor creates a whopping 150 different products, all of which are distributed through a vast network of 30,000 dealers.

However, Havmor faced a Challenge:

They needed to revolutionize consumer tastes and preferences by introducing more complex flavours. This was crucial to setting themselves apart from other dairy desserts available on the market. They aimed to offer not just unique and enticing flavour profiles that would captivate the discerning palates of their customers but also create visually stunning and eye-catching packaging that would grab attention on the shelves.

Infusing Festive Energy into the Brand Identity

Havmor had a Mission:

To capture the electrifying and lively spirit of festivities and infuse it into their brand identity. They wanted their visual representation to shout out, "Get ready for an unforgettable party!"

Unleashing Festive Delight

When it comes to festivals, there's one word that's on everyone's lips - "Joy"! OneZeroEight totally got that and went all out in giving Havmor's product packaging an extra dose of festive magic. They infused it with alluring and delightful vibes that were simply irresistible during those special occasions.

But that's not all! They didn't stop at packaging alone. OneZeroEight transformed Havmor's stores into lively and friendly spaces. They knew that creating a strong connection with people was key, so they made sure the atmosphere was buzzing with excitement and curiosity. Their goal? To tempt customers into trying their mouth-watering ice creams and to make every visit a memory worth cherishing.

Journey into the Heart of Indian Culture

OneZeroEight got their groove on and dived headfirst into the vibrant world of Indian culture! They took inspiration from the rich tapestry of traditions and festivals that make our country so diverse and exciting.

They knew that to nail it, they had to bring in the big guns - typography, colours, and patterns. They meticulously handpicked each element, curating a visual language that spoke volumes to their customers. Fonts that dance with energy, colours that pop like fireworks, and patterns that make you want to do a little happy jig.

Picture This:

Vibrant festive patterns dancing harmoniously with elegant festive colours, all coming together to create packaging that oozes the essence of Indian festivals. It's like a celebration in every scoop! Havmor knew that by embracing our cultural vibrancy and weaving it into their design, they could hit the right note with customers. They wanted to make you feel that unmistakable rush of celebration and joy that comes with Indian festivals.

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