Capturing Elegance of Birds with Basic Shapes & Colours

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Basic colours and shapes, when used in the right rhythm, can change our perspective about the things we see around us every day. Rahul Khobragade has taken this approach to depict the birds of nature, to showcase the beauty and elegance that we miss out on!

Capturing Elegance of Birds
Basic Shapes Colours 1- Creative Gaga

Singularly inspired by nature, Rahul Khobragade’s illustrations are a true extraction of it. The use of ideas, shapes, colours and styles are all deduced from nature.


With a desire to always present his viewers with fresh and vibrant work, he prefers to use gradient art and abstract vectors.

Basic Shapes Colours 4- Creative Gaga
Basic Shapes olours 8- Creative Gaga

A bird lover, Rahul created a series of illustrations on birds and their beauty, aiming to explore each bird’s unique and independent identity.


With an intention to portray the common birds that we see around us every day from a new perspective, he made an attempt to explore this particular series using basic shapes and overlapping multi-layer style.

Basic Shapes olours 6- Creative Gaga

To bring out the quirkiness and the dynamic traits of each bird, he used a style of simple gradients merged with low patches. The use of bright, dazzling happy colours, in addition to the mentioned techniques helped him define an over-all language for the bird series, yet giving every illustration a distinctive appearance and bringing out the beauty and charm of each these specific birds.

Basic Shapes Colours 5- Creative Gaga

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