Visual Identity for a Contemporary Sweet Brand

Visual Identity for a Contemporary Sweet Brand

Rusbury is a great example of how to brand a sweet and savories store in today's contemporary times. Sukkrish AADDS, a Bangalore-based creative agency founded by Shreesh Shankar, gives an interesting twist to the branding (visual identity).

The Brief and Challenges

Rusbury is a sweets and savouries brand operating out of Bangalore. The brand needed a unique visual identity that would help it stand out from the clutter. The identity also needed to appeal to both, the existing customer and their target audience.

The Solution

When you think of a sweet and savouries store the image that comes to your mind is a traditional shop with all its aesthetics. Sukkrish AADDS decided to break away from convention to create a unique and contemporary identity for Rusbury.

The bold yet simple logo and motif itself is a blend of western and Indian culture with the introduction of the Devanagari script. The colour palette is kept at a minimum with red, white and black. The majority usage is that of white and black, with the red colour judiciously added at places.

The team makes great use of illustrations to create a feel and mood for the brand. The illustrations capture the very Indian vibrant and cheery vibe. Yet the balance of solid white and red keeps the overall branding contemporary and sophisticated.

The final visual identity is versatile allowing several possibilities and scope for play.

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