A Unique Typeface to Rebrand The 'Spectranet'

A Unique Typeface to Rebrand The 'Spectranet'

The new revamped design of Spectranet by Ochre is bold with its unique typeface and successfully encompasses the vision of the company making it seamless and customer centric.

The Brief

Rated as India's fastest fibre broadband provider by Netflix, the young and ambitious leaders of the company envisioned to provide a revolutionary approach and change the face of the Internet in the country. Thus, they wanted to revamp their brand model with Ochre using its design disciplines to market the product and make its mark in this niche segment. Spectranet is the rebirth of a ten-year-old company in its quest to improve the broadband services for the futuristic citizens.

The Challenge

Rebranding in the Internet segment called for a tactical analysis of the current situation. Although the demand is huge with India's vast population base, the average internet speed stands at 4.1 Mbps. And only a marginal percentage of people have access to a high-speed fibre optic connection. The mass cannot comprehend the advantages of speed or other technical jargon and become frustrated when they are unable to stream their favourite show/ not work efficiently. Moreover, the offers provided by the incumbents are expensive, filled with caps and traps.

Discovering an opportunity to humanise technology and focus on consumer needs, the brand name was changed to 'Spectra' to showcase the company's future direction of providing much more than mere 'Internet' such as cloud services and security services.

The Solution

Embodying the disruptive spirit of the company, the new design needed to be functional and stylish. Ochre deployed ethnographic research techniques to understand the role of the internet in today's era. Therefore, Ochre collaborated with the Rick Banks of F37 to re-define the brand with a custom-made, iconic typeface that would stand out and speak to the customers in a recognisable, yet, bold and singular way.

The tone was subsequently articulated with attitude and confidence with headlines that subvert accepted the language and functional copy that is unapologetically playful. Evolving the brand identity with a better visibility through design, UX/ UI interface was made much more seamless for better customer experience.

And the Result

The revamped, new brand showcases customer-centric model with the changes made in its systematic processes, enhancements and a mindset to market the product solely focused on the benefits of the customer.

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