The Script Project: Scripting a New Way of Living

To meet the ever-changing demands of the Indian urban homes to be in-sync with the contemporary trends and lifestyles, Godrej is launching its new design brand Script outlined by Codesign.

The Challenge

The script is a new brand by Godrej & Boyce, offering contemporary furniture & decor accessories across mass-premium, urban markets in India.

Urban home living today throws up a new set of challenges via changing social behaviour, space availability, family structures, aspirations and global exposure to design and lifestyle. This necessitated a re-imagination of furniture—from lifestyles that adapt to established forms of furniture, to furniture that responds and adapts to activities & behaviour. Urban India as we know it, is changing—with people trying to find more meaning and relevance in everything they do, from food to fashion, work & mobility, it's the time of new living.

The Solution

Contemporary India's active pursuit of an openness to change formed the premise of design thinking for Script products & services. Codesign was commissioned in the early days of product development, to work in close collaboration with the internal project team, to identify & articulate the core brand idea and create a visual identity system through audios and visuals for the new brand.

Framing the Brand Narrative

'Design for New Living' is the soul of the Script brand, capturing the urban zeitgeist and acting as the north star for brand content—embedding a clear point-of-view within all communication.. 'Design' denotes the design-led approach of the brand, cueing both the purpose-built capability and higher aesthetic quotient and craftsmanship of the brand. 'New Living' denotes new practices or ways of living, that answer to challenges and aspirations of contemporary living.

Creating a Visual Vocabulary

The visual vocabulary for Script establishes an instantly recognizable and distinct aesthetic for the brand using fresh playful design elements in a cohesive and graphical play, evoking the core sense of newness & change.

The brand logo is a simple, sophisticated mark, that exudes warmth while standing out with its geometric construction. Derived from the logo, four Graphic Elements (the bar, bend, ring & half ring) open up a whole ecosystem of activity and play for the design language—cueing the smart agility & adaptability of the products.

The primary palette of Script, black & white provides a simple, yet bold canvas, to allow a variable colour play that is theme/product focussed and allows diverse storytelling about products and experience ecosystems.

Generously paced layouts and flexible grids allow for a simple but striking display of content. Photography guidelines set the framework for a distinct staging of product & settings that allow clear emphasis on functionality & form, and through consistency also build stronger brand recall.

Identity in Motion

On-screen, the visual vocabulary of the Script comes alive through audio-visual expressions with a characteristic motion—the Shift. Rhythmic & bold, the Shift moves with consistent pace and ease, to unveil new content and settings. The Shift moves on a simple grid across screens, allowing for greater consistency, while varying in orientation and scale.

The Logo signature uses only the characteristic Shift behaviour to decisively mark the beginning or end of branded content. While other elements in on-screen communication also use the Shift behaviour to move, its use in the logo signature reiterates brand presence through its starkness and simplicity.

The Graphic Elements inherit the Shift as the characteristic transition device and are designed for use both as single units and gridded patterns. A secondary expression of the Graphic Elements was designed to mark occasional communication, like a new season, range etc and uses 3-dimensional avatars of the elements with relevant surface treatments, suspended with gentle motion in space.

The Sound of New Living

The sonic identity of the brand celebrates the decisive motion of the Shift motion behaviour. Global, contemporary and agile—the master soundscape has multiple layers grounded in a base staccato string that complement the pace of motion. The instrumental character of the soundscape is balanced with an electronic undertone and harp-like sounds to infuse lightness and fluidity. The combination of diverse sounds within the composition evokes the diversity and adaptability of the brand products and appeals to a contemporary, global sensibility. The sound logo is a distilled essence of the soundscape and emphasises the bold pace of the logo signature animation as a stand-alone marker of a brand.

And The Result

Script marks the entry of the Godrej group into a new segment that is sharply differentiated from their established budget furniture brand Interio. It addresses emerging needs of contemporary lifestyle & home spaces and delivers solutions backed by Godrej's intrinsic culture of design & manufacturing innovation. The freshness of the solution strategically enables a brand name as established as Godrej to reconnect with newer urban audiences and stand apart from its existing offering in the budget segment.

Client: Godrej & Boyce
Branding & Identity Design: Codesign
Moton & Sonic Design Partner: Addikt
Image Credits: All brand images & footage, courtesy Script.

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