Say It Out Loud. Start a Conversation. Don’t Hide It. Period.

Say It Out Loud. Start a Conversation. Don’t Hide It. Period.

Brand & Design consultants NH1 design along with designer Pallavi Mohan have initiated a three month campaign, Don't Stop. Period. to rebrand sanitary napkins which is real, inspiring and sure to start a conversation bringing a positive change.

Periods. Menstruation. It's that time of the month!

Hush. Don't say it out loud.
But, there's blood.
There are cramps. There's pain!

Hush Hush. Enough said.

Even the sanitary pads are packaged in distinct shades of pink, blue and yellow and covered with floral patterns with cursive typography. Sigh.
Nothing close to the reality.


One of the most natural biological processes that all women go through comes with a lot of social stigma and embarrassment attached to it. The women talk about periods in hushed whispers and buy sanitary napkins wrapped in black plastic and newspaper. There are a lot of myths about the subject and very little information about menstrual hygiene.

Confronting the taboos surrounding menstruation, 'Don't Hide It. Period.' is the design initiative by NH1 designs along with designer Pallavi Mohan to rebrand the sanitary pad for what it truly is in order to begin conversation and change the mindsets around menstruation.

'DON'T HIDE IT. PERIOD.' is loud and clear in a bright canvas bag dotted with red and orange polka dots. The packaging is real, inspiring and confident. Encouraging people to talk about periods, it contains ten sanitary napkins each featuring a unique message such as, "It's not a bad word" or "It's just blood".They also have a website dedicated to the campaign where people can write a message on a virtual pad and share it on social media.

However, that's not all. The three-month campaign of limited edition available exclusively on is much more than a pack of pads. All the proceeds of the purchase will be donated to' The Better India' and 'Aakar Innovations' to set up a factory in Ajmer that will employ local women to manufacture and distribute low-cost biodegradable pads.

Shunning the stigma and bringing a positive change in creating awareness and access to sanitary pads, this revamped design is all set to change the face of sanitary napkins and our mindset along with it.

Hush no more. Period.

Creative Gaga